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Help finding a honeymoon destination!

Hello all!

My finace and I are starting to look into honeymoon destinations. I want something with culture, and would love to go to Europe. I love the idea of exploring a city with a lot of history. However, my fiance wants to lay on a beach at a resort. We're getting married in December, and plan on going on our honeymoon after the holidays, in the begining of January. I know Europe is out of the question at that time because it'll be too cold. Are there any areas that anyone can suggest that has the beautiful beach my fiance wants, but the culture, histroy and sight-seeing that I want? Any suggestions would be great!

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Re: Help finding a honeymoon destination!

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    Not sure what your budget is or how far you would like to travel, but Puerto Rico, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, and Australia would all be great weather-wise in January. All of these destinations/countries have large cities with lots of sightseeing but they also offer beaches. We are going to Thailand for our honeymoon next February. He wanted beautiful beaches and I wanted amazing architecture and potential for lots of different activities and sightseeing. It was the perfect combo to make us both happy.
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    Hawaii!  There are definitely beaches, but if you go to the right places, there is tons of history, culture, and sightseeing.

    If you have the time and budget, you could do 10-14 days and do two islands--one for relaxing and one for sightseeing.  Some of the smaller islands are pretty secluded and having not much to do beyond laying on the beach, and sounds like right up your FI's alley, while the bigger ones have tons of options, PLUS the beaches.

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    To add:  Even if you don't have the time or budget for that long of a trip, you can definitely accomplish both beaches and sightseeing in the same island if you do a little research.

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    Puerto Rico.  OSJ has a European feel & a cosmopolitan city plus there are lots of beaches on the island. 
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    there are many many places in central am, south am and the caribbean that would satisfy all of your requirements.


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    The Brits go to Spain's canary islands that time of year to enjoy the beach. If you want Europe would look into that...
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    You might get some ideas here:  http://besthoneymoonideas.com/
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    If you're looking at Europe:

    -The Greek Isles: Mind you their beaches are rock, but they are beaches none the less. It's incredibly beautiful and very historic. You could roll in a trip to Athens.

    -Italy: Near Sorrento and Capri there are beaches, and it's also very beautiful. You could do a mix of beaches and cities for the best of both worlds.

    -Spain: Barcelona has a wonderful beach, plus the city is very historic.

    The problem with Europe is that in January it's pretty cold, not as cold as the US, but still cold.

    The Caribbean is a great place to go in the winter. I suggest looking into Nassau (Bahamas) because it has really great history, it's safe, and it has beautiful beaches.
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    I second Hawaii!  My brother lived there and said it stays warm (shorts and tshirt weather) for most of the year (including January)!  There are gorgeous beaches, and lots of culture/historical things for you to check out!! 

    We were originally going to go to Hawaii but our budget can't swing it, here is the website we were using to look at things to do:


    Also tripadvisor may have some information for you!!
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