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Anyone ever been on a cruise through Alaska?  Which cruise line did you sail with?  Did you travel roundtrip from Seattle, Vancouver, or a different port?  What month is best?  Thanks in advance! :)

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    Sorry, Im absolutely no help here, but everyone Ive talked to with regards to this, say its totally worth it.  We had many friends leave from Vancouver, and they all loved it!
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    Fiance and I went on a cruise September 2011 from Seattle. We took Holland America and it was AMAZING! We went to glacier bay (spent a whole day on the ship cruising through with a park ranger on the ship giving the tour throught the intercom system) then Juneau, Sitka and Ketchican not sure if it was in that order or not. We went on 2 excursions (gold panning and a salmon bake) and then ziplining both were incredible! The food on holland america was really good and so was the service. There were maybe 10 kids on the whole ship and very well behaved. Its a very high end cruise line that caters to classy people. Most of the guests on the ship were above 30, I'd say. I'm not sure what else to say. It was 7 night cruise early september and cost right around 1000 per person for the cruise itself. We found round trip airfare from new orleans, la to seattle for 350 a person maybe. Of course we spent money on alcohol and our excursions, but absolutely no regrets or anything like that. When we went, it was the end of the season for cruises so everything in the ports was super discounted. I actually picked out my engagement ring there and got an amazing deal on a diamond that we could not have affored back home at regular price. Hope that helps!
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    Thanks for the info!!
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    We were looking at doing an Alaskan cruise, but decided not to. When asking my friends about their Alaskan cruise, they reminded me that you will need a passport for the cruise since you will be in international waters.

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    We both have passports already so that won't be a problem. Thanks!
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    Thanks CMGr! I had looked at the Princess "cruisetour" to extend our stay in Alaska but I wasn't sure if paying a higher cost in airfare home would be worth it.  We are in CT, so the airfare to Seattle is pretty costly too.  That's exactly what I was wondering, if the 7-day roundtrip from Seattle would be in-depth enough for us to really enjoy it.  My fiance owns his own business and hates taking time off for vacations, so I want our honeymoon to be all it can be without breaking the bank!
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    Before I moved to Alaska I took the Inside Passage cruise with Holland America on the Oosterdam (back in 2009). I went with my mom and my sister and it was fantastic. We went during May and got an excpetonal deal through Expedia too. We go a HUGE suite on the rear right corner of the ship with an actual bathroom with a giant whirpool. We did the Mendenhall Glacier helicopter tour in Juneau which I still remember vividly, ent to the lumberjack show, ate yummy king crab, took a whale watching tour and visited Victoria BC as well. Doing this cruise was the reason why I moved to AK :) I fell in love with this place.
    If you guys DO want to visit Anchorage and head to Denali, there are cruises that are now coming up to port in the city every Wednesday I believe. I think both Holland America and PRincess have cruises that come up here.
    If it was up to me, I would skip Anchorage and just to the inside passage. Anchorage is cool but the inside passage is GORGEOUS!
    Before I cruised with Holland America, I have cruised with the Disney Cruise, Royal Caribbean and Carnival. Disney and Holland America are far the best out of all my experiences.
    IF you have any questions on what to go see let me know. :)
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    I went in August a few years ago on Norwegian Cruise Lines. It was the best cruise I had been on. We left out of Vancover, but on the way back we had a bus transfer to Seattle. I highly reccomend it. The summer is a great time to go because its cool, but not freezing there.
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