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XP Canadian Travel sites

XP on my local Toronto group

Just wondering where you guys look to book vacations? H and I are planning another vacation and I cant help but think there are other sites out there for us cannucks to get deals on.
Generally we use:
flight centre

any others you guys use to find a good deal? we are thinking we want to go to a resort or possibly a cruise (never cruised before) we just want OUT of Toronto and IN some sun!
any help would be great!
If it makes a difference our budget is about $2500ish
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Re: XP Canadian Travel sites

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    As someone who has dual Canadian citizenship, I had to answer, LOL.

    I'd recommend looking at finding flights (or trains) from Toronto to an American city/airport (Detroit, Buffalo, etc), then viewing that location as the "start" of your trip. Detroit is a hub for Delta, not sure what airlines have lots of flights from Buffalo. That way you can use all the other travel sites like Expedia, etc.

    Also, sign up for weekly emails from www.travelzoo.com. Not sure if they have a Canadian component, but you get weekly deals from various American cities that you can designate, ie Detroit or Buffalo.

    Good luck.
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