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My FI must be wedding stressed

My FI had his first wedding nightmare on Saturday night. He dreamt that it was the morning of the wedding and for some reason we had to move the wedding to his parent's house in NJ. He didn't have anything to wear so his mom laid out a navy blazor and gray dress pants for him (yuck) and no one ordered the wine or bubbles so his dad had to run to the store to buy the cases, but of course they weren't cold so we had to figure out how to chill 60 bottles in under 2 hours.

I think he must have dreamt this b/c I have been bugging him to order his suit and the wine for the last few weeks. I thought he wasn't too worried about it, but I guess at least his subconcious is. Hopefully this will motivate him to make some progress on these to-do's!
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Re: My FI must be wedding stressed

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    All these wedding nightmare posts are making me nervous.  I haven't had one yet, but I'm having daymares about nightmares!
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    Ha!  Thats really funny!  I love what his mom picked out for him to wear!Wink  I have only had one wedding nightmare so far bc right now I am having a lot of nightmares about our big baby fair.  Once its over in 2 weeks I am sure the wedding dreams will commence.  At least you know he is thinking about it!
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    Good, maybe this will be the push that he needs!!! :)

    I don't think my FI has been having nightmares- he isn't worried about anything, ever!!

    My MOH on the other hand has been having nightmares about not being prepared for the toast haha.
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    at least you know its on his mind. I dont think my fiance would ever be worried enough about the wedding to have a nightmare about it...
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    [QUOTE]hahaha.  at least you know its on his mind.<strong> I dont think my fiance would ever be worried enough about the wedding to have a nightmare about it...
    </strong>Posted by elizabethmae315[/QUOTE]

    HAHA. Ditto.

    Ps - Bmore, I didn't realize you were gone for a few days! I posted something last week. I wanted to tell you that I ordered those robes from Etsy and will let you know how the quality is when they arrive. (<a href="http://www.etsy.com/listing/92348804/set-of-6-kimono-crossover-robe-spa-wrap" rel="nofollow">These ones</a>.)
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    @bridetobe - awesome! I haven't ordered any yet, so I'm very interested to hear what you think of them. Definitely keep me posted!
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    Ahh that's crazy! My FI hasn't had any crazy wedding dreams yet and thankfully I don't remember a lot of my nightmares/dreams.

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    Fi dreamt about our wedding before me :). He dreamt that he became he rockstar so that he could give me the wedding of my dreams. Not exactly a nightmare. But how sweet is that?
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