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Antigua or Bermuda

I'm looking for a romantic honeymoon, at either Antigua or Bermuda, we are interested in an all-inclusive and pretty much know our options in Antigua but are interested in feedback about experiences in Bermuda..And good all-inclusives there that aren't too family oriented??

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    As far as I am aware, Bermuda does not have all-inclusives.  Honestly, there are so many great places to eat on the island that I wouldn't want to be tied to one resort the entire time.  My husband and I married there and traveled from one end of the island to the other.  It was great fun picking places to eat and explore.

    We married at The Reefs (clickable) which includes breakfast and dinner in your room rate*.  The place was fabulous, high class, and everything you could imagine for a honeymoon.  I highly recommend it.  My only complaint was that breakfast and dinner was always included - we had to save the cool places for lunch instead.

    * - The rate may now only include breakfast but you can add dinner to your rate for a nominal fee. 
  • Sure!  I fixed the link - it was being wonky.

    Also - I saw one kid the entire ten days we were there.  That resort definitely does not cater to families.  It's more popular with honeymooners and weddings.
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    Our honeymoon was in Bermuda, and we absolutely loved it. We stayed at the Newstead Belmont Hills resort, which had wonderful rooms and amenities. There were no children there, but it was not all inclusive. The resort had a private ferry across the harbor to Hamilton, and we took buses out to the beaches from there. Bermuda beaches are absolutely lovely, our favorite was Elbow Beach. Good luck with your search! Joy, you and I always promote Bermuda! Oh well, at least we stick up for the island ;)
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    [QUOTE]Wow,your honeymoon destination is so unique and interesting!When you finished your travel,hope sharing your  experiences with us!
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    I will : )  (still looking into other options though!)
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