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Small Ship Alaskan Cruise?

Has anyone done a small ship Alaskan Cruise? I've been doing a lot of research and found one company, Inner Seas Discoveries that seem to be the least expensive and found one other company, I can't remember the name now that seemed reasonable as well but wondering if it's worth the splurge over the big ship cruises since they're quite a bit expensive.  There's not a whole lot of reviews out there so I'm looking to see if anyone here might have thoughts on them. 
thank you!

Re: Small Ship Alaskan Cruise?

  • Since The Knot is being difficult this weekend and my post got eaten I'll re-post in hopes that it works this time...

    I've been researching small ship cruises in Alaska and the least expensive ones I've found are InnerSeas discoveries and one other one.  There's not a whole lot of reviews out there so I'm looking to see if anyone on here has done any of them and some feedback on them and if they think they are worth the splurg over the big ship cruises.

    thank you!
  • Have you looked at CruiseCritic.com?
  • If you or your husband get sea sick you may want to rethink a small cruise ship. I went on the Royal Caribbean Seranade of the Seas and got sick even though I had never gotten sea sick before. Just a thought.
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    cruisecritic only had 2 reviews, 1 good 1 bad so it was a bit of a wash, but they did have a really good article which is how I got started on this hunt for a good affodable small ship cruise.
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