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Secrets St. James Montego Bay Vs. Couples Sans Souci

I was wondering if anyone could offer any insight.

FI would like to go to an Adults only all inclusive in Jamica. We'd like to do some off resort excursions. It seems to me that Couples offers some excurisions inclusive in their price.

I'm just wondering what people think of these two resorts.

Couples Sans Souci is ranked 11 of Resorts in Jamaica and Secrets is ranked 36 on Tripadvisor.
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Re: Secrets St. James Montego Bay Vs. Couples Sans Souci

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    I've been to Sans Souci and I've been to other Secrets Resorts, but not St. James. Couples has 4 resorts in Jamaica, so what is it about Sans Souci that you like over the other 3? What type of activities do you want to do? St. James will be more centrally located between Ocho Rios and Negril and also a lot closer to the airport. Sans Souci does include more activities, as do the other Couples Resorts. Sans Souci is also quite a bit smaller than Secrets. Secrets is actually two properties that have a central restaurant area. So, you will have many moer dining options but also a lot more people. Secrets is also a bit newer.


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    The Reason we're leaning towards Sans Sousi is to do Dunns River Falls over the Other Couples resorts... maybe thats the only reason? lol 

    I like the idea of everything being included.... That way the costs are sort of already accounted for, however, I mean its not set in stone and if the prices are comparable and Secrets is maybe the better pick we'd be open to that.

    I've never been down south and FI has never been as a adult. So this is almost like a first time for both of us. 

    Becuase its our honeymoon, we are looking for something all inclusive, something a bit more "intimate" as it is our honeymoon, definitely no kids. Also, FI is worried he'll be bored sitting on the beach for a week so we were looking for resorts that offer alot of acitivities both on and off the property.

    I've budgeted $4000 for the honeymoon, which is $2000 each for an all inclusive I think this is pretty reasonable.
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_honeymoon_secrets-st-james-montego-bay-vs-couples-sans-souci?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding BoardsForum:11Discussion:4ffefcab-e986-47ed-8b00-5e63e0bc15a0Post:3e1ec69e-1e92-4b0d-abc9-960133d0baef">Re: Secrets St. James Montego Bay Vs. Couples Sans Souci</a>:
    [QUOTE]We have been to both Secrets St James and Couples Swept Away in Negril. We did like both places but we loved the Couples resort a bit more. Having all the activites included was the best and made all the difference to us. Also, Couples felt a lot more private, secluded and romantic whereas Secrets felt like more of a group party atmosphere. You could certainly get away from it but there were times when we walked by certain groups at one of the pools and were glad we weren't sitting there.  I have heard great things about Sans Souci too so I don't think it is a bad choice at all. With a $4k budget you could however stay at one of the Couples in Negril and afford an outside excursion to Dunn's river though it would be a long drive there and back. We loved the sunset cruise as well as the multiple snorkeling trips per day at Couples Swept Away. I know you can dive as well though I am not certified which is why we didn't do that. There is also water skiing I believe. The beach is gorgeous and you can walk for miles. <strong> Perhaps there is a way to stay at two different Couples resorts during your stay. A few nights at San Souci and a few nights in Negril</strong>. I am sure that if you called Couples directly they could work something out for you. Since your transportation is included to and from the airport I don't see why they couldn't do it. That would be the best way to go where you could experience the most imo.
    Posted by spikeinc[/QUOTE]

    This is something Couples can work out with you. When we were at Tower Isle last year, we met a couple who did this. They spent a week at Swept Away and a week at Tower Isle. A week at each may be too much, but you could certainly consider 3-4 nights at each. I'm not sure how they arranged it, but again, it's doable.


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