Does anyone know a good place to get a veil on a budget? Thank you!

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    [QUOTE]Does anyone know a good place to get a veil on a budget? Thank you!
    Posted by MrsAD2013[/QUOTE]

    Check out etsy. I tried on a very simple cathedral length veil in the bridal salon it was $200. It was basically a tulle veil with a comb (nothing on it). I decided to check out etsy and found and bought a cathedral length veil for $20! It looks exactly like the one in the bridal salon and it is great quality! I am only wearing my veil for the ceremony and for our first look pics etc. I didn't want to pay that much for something I was not planning on wearing all night :)
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  • Great thank you for the suggestion!
  • Brides to Be in Glastonbury has a great selection of new veils and the shop owner is great.  They were extremely helpful when I went a few weeks ago.
  • I got mine on
    There are soooo many options to chose from... Mine is almost fingertip length, with a metal comp and lace trim and I paid around $110. Came out exactly like I wanted..... they have a lot of options to personalize and really good at getting back to you.
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