Hair and Makeup costs

My hair and MUA are traveling to me and require cash in the exact amount on the wedding day (tip included).  I'm trying to figure out these costs and have a few questions.

So for each person having hair and makeup done I told them I was covering the deposits ($25 for makeup and $25 for hair).  When figuring out the tip amount do I do it as the full price, or the price due that day?

Do I divy up the travel cost between everyone having a service done (myself included)?  Or do I pay that myself?  If I pay that myself it's over $100 plus my services.

I'm never good with this number stuff.....I'm sorry if this is confusing.

Re: Hair and Makeup costs

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    Are you requiring everyone to have their hair and makeup done, b/c if so, technically you should cover the entire payment.

    Since you are arrange for the stylists to come to you, I would cover their travel fee (I am not requiring hair and make up, but all the girls (and my Mom) are using the option, so I'm pay their travel fee since it's easier for everyone).

    Tip should be on the full price of the services and while there are suggested amounts, each girl should tip what they want to tip.
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    I agree with PP.  I didn't require my girls to get their hair or makeup done.  So each paid for their own.  I covered the travel fee and the tip which should be the total price.
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    Thanks girls, that's what I thought.  I talked to my mom and she said that if I need help covering travel fees then she will help me. 
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    Where in CT are you getting trial hair and make up?
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    Naomis is coming to my parents house
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    Good luck with everything. Please show pics.
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