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My FH and I are getting married next March and are planning on going to Italy in June for our hm.  We want to do something more local for a couple of days in March that does not require us to fly.  I'm thinking maybe Newport? Any other suggestions? TY

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  • We're doing this in 2 weeks! We're going to Portsmouth, NH. it's one of our favorite spots. Wedding Countdown Ticker
  • My fiancee and I were planning on doing the same thing (we are getting married in June and wanted to go away when it is cold-Nov). We have been looking at living social and groupon - they have really great "getaway" deals for a few days. Most of them include massages, etc. and are cute bed & breakfast type places. We were also thinking Newport or Cape Cod. Good luck! 
  • I am looking at block island for our mini moon in June.  Does anyone know of any great B&B's or hotel's there?
  • I'm also doing the same thing with the FI (I start my fall semester of Nursing school the Monday after our wedding!) The only thing I've asked is that I want a spa so that we can get massages..however I feel like the travel factor to MV, BI, or Nantucket is going to be a factor since we have to drive and then take the ferry..Has anyone stayed at hotels (not B&B's) in any of those 3 places?
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  • I was in Cape Cod (Sandwitch Mass) for a New Years eve wedding this year, and it was beautiful! Granted this winter was freakishly warm, and March next year there might be snow, but I think the coast there would still be wonderfull in the cold.  There are so many cute B+B's that are afordable during the off season (March I think is still off season).  Also, check out living social and groupon for local "travel" deals.  They've been doing alot of hotels/B+Bs, and some included massages, ect.  
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  • Portland/Old Orchard Beach, ME or Burlington, choices for a mini moon since we are waiting to go on our honeymoon when it's cold here too!
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  • I agree with looking for groupons- they have tons of little getaways! In march, anywhere might be cold- so you might want to look into a nice spa/resort type thing!!! I love Newport, BI will probably be cheap that time of year too...
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