Engagement Photos and save the date

Might seem like a dumb question, but when do I take my engagement photos and send out the save the dates?

Re: Engagement Photos and save the date

  • kate212kate212 member
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    We took our engagement photos on November 6th, and I got them from our photographer a few days ago. I'll be sending out my save the dates in early January which is 8 months until my wedding. Hope this helps!
  • kls114kls114 member
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    We did our e-pics this October & sending out of STD's 6 months before the wedding in February of 2011. We are getting married July 23, 2011.

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  • Whippet8Whippet8 member
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    we sent save the dates 6 months before....and took e-pics 4 months before
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    We got our e pics taken this June because we wanted summer pictures. Our save the dates will be going out this week- just under 6 months to go

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  • Vanessa630Vanessa630 member
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    We sent the save the dates out pretty early- mainly because grad school was starting back up and I wouldn't have as much time to assemble them, etc.  So we sent them out in August (10 months before).  We also had a lot of OOT people start asking us about our website, hotels, etc. so it seemed like a good time. 

    We've been engaged since May 2009 but just took our e-pics in October (8 months before).  We're having a summer wedding so thought it would be nice to get some Fall E-pics. 

    We weren't relying on the e-pics for our save-the-dates. If we had wanted to use the pics, we probably would have gotten them done a lot sooner. 

    I know some couples who have a long engagement do a 4 seasons type of engagement shoot, which is an awesome idea.

    Good luck!
  • Vanessa630Vanessa630 member
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    Oh, I meant to add that our save the dates were sent out really early but it ended up working because a lot of people needed to reserve hotel rooms. Usually, people only send them out that early if out of towners need to buy plane tickets.  If it's a local wedding, it doesn't need to be done so early.
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    Thanks Vanessa, I am in a similar position with graduate school and full time work, and thanks all for the advice! I knew we wanted to send them just was't to clear on how to go about it since, i'm the first in my immediate family and my friends.  Good luck to all you ladies and thanks again!
  • herb0622herb0622 member
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    We're getting married October 22, 2011. We did 2 engagement sessions, one right after we got engaged and another this past July.

    We're going to send our save the dates out in January or February, so like 8-9 months before the wedding.
  • SuMmErKuTiESuMmErKuTiE member
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    We sent out our STD's early.. we handed them our at our engagement party which was a little over a year before the wedding, and then mailed the rest out. I hadn't heard of the "6 months before rule" at that point and never heard anything otherwise. In fact some people thanked us for sending them out so early because we got married at the end of June and a lot of our friends and families plan vacations around that time of year.

    We took our engagement photos about 11 months before the wedding, but you can take these at any point during your engagement. A lot of people like to use them for their STD's so if you want to do that, make sure you take them with plenty of time before you plan on sending out STD's. We did photo magnet STD's but didn't use an e-pic, we just used a pic of us on vacation.
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