Hair Extensions!

First of all I'd like to say thanks to all the ladies posting made the wedding planning proccess so much easier!
and now 85 days to go OMG!!!!!

Just bought some hair extensions as sally's because my hair is way too thin for life and the human hair ones are AMAZING and def worth the investment.
The clip in ones are easy and you can wear them when you need to not like the permanent ones and they def stay in place!!!

I had to share lol having long blode pretty hair feels so nice lol!

Re: Hair Extensions!

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    Thanks soo much for sharing!  I was just telling my sisters that I need extensions too bc my hair is really thin as well...I was thinking of getting them done professionally but they are so expensive.  I'll have to check out Sally's!
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    Best 100$ i spent recently lol and you re use them all you want however you want without getting them glued to your head and spending tons lol!
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    I agree!  I love mine!
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    I really need some, too! Definitely going to try 'em. Thanks!
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    just from a hairdressers perspective but also a brides perspective if your gonna use extensions dont get glue in extensions i have had them before and they rip your hair out you have to be very careful with them cause when they start to detach they take your actual hair with them if you are going to use extensions your best bet is to either get them done professionally or to get clip in ones
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    The clip-ins from Sallys are absolutely amazing! I wear them all the time (and fully intend to wear them for my wedding!), and no one can even tell - they look so natural and they are super easy
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