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Newly Engaged!

I got engaged over the weekend and we want to start planning!  We're thinking a August/September 2013 wedding, we live in Stamford, CT and we don't know where to start!  Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!!

Re: Newly Engaged!

  • Congratulations and welcome!!!  I say the best places to start are to discuss budget as well as what the vision of your wedding is with your fiance.  Once you have those two factors in mind, you can then try to narrow down venues, time of year, etc.  There are SO MANY options:  if you want to do something at one venue or find a location you like and bring in a caterer. Regardless, I think you will be able to get lots of help, ideas and support from the people on this board.  Good luck. 
  • Congrats! I agree with the previous post. Try and set your budget and come up with a tentative guest list. We figured out our budget quickly and realized we wanted about 100 people at the wedding. Then we decided on a wedding venue that we could use for the ceremony AND reception... and a venue that is a little rustic. Keep checking the board and asking questions. The women on here are really helpful!!

    Also, even if it is super early, feel free to contact vendors. We had our venue, DJ, photographer, caterer, hair/make up, and florist contracted before a year out. Somepeople thought we were crazy but we got our first choice for everything!
  • Congrats on your engagement! :)

    Ditto PP's: The budget and an idea of the guest list is a good place to start.

    After we got engaged I read a lot of reviews on the boards about different vendors: Florist, DJ, Hair/Make Up, Photographers, and of course a Venue! This board has definitely been a great reference for me. Ditto Corkey, start reaching out to vendors as well. It is never too early, I know my florist has already been contacted regarding 2014 bookings!
  • Congrats - I'm an August 2013 bride! So excited :) definitely jump right in, it's nice to have lots of time. Agree with PP and take the time to look at lots of venues :)
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  • Congratulationa on your engagement and welcome!
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    Congrats & Welcome!! Yay another Fairfield County Bride/Knottie!!

    Ditto to the girls....budget, guest list, etc.

    Start looking into venues and vendors--they book up quick around here!

    Good luck & Happy Planning!! The girls on this board are great and very helpful!!
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  • Congrats! This board was my life saver!  Many of my vendors came from recommendations from this board.  As PP's said, decide on a budget, style of wedding you want, and try to come up with a preliminary guest list because your number may surprise you.  Also, as PP's said, contact vendors early.  We had a year and a half engagement and booked all of our vendors within the first few months and it's the best advice I can give anyone.  We had the rest of the time to budget our money and it relieved a lot of stress.  I was not stressed one bit throughout the wedding planning process and I'm still not stressed and our wedding is next Saturday. 

    Happy planning and good luck!
  • Congratulations on your engagement!  Very exciting!  The top 2 things to do are budget and guest list.  Neither has to be set in stone, but having a rough idea of those two items will affect literally everything else.

    For guest list, we did an A, B, C method - A's were "MUST" invites (immedate family, people we couldn't imagine getting married without them there, to the point that we would work our wedding around where the majority of these people could attend), B's were "would like to have" invites (good friends, family members who we would like to attend, but we would still be able to get married if they couldn't make it or if we couldn't afford to invite them), and C's were "feel like we should invite" (all those parents' friends, cousins you don't particularly like, friends who invited you to their weddings, etc.) 

    It worked great for us, because we were able to shape our wedding to accomodate our A listers (meaning we didn't get married in Costa Rica as my grandparents, who I am very close to, could not attend).  We invited most of our B's, and it turned out very few of the C's.  It helped us visualize who we wanted there versus who we thought wanted to be there, or who we thought other people (our parents, grandparents, etc.) thought should be there.



  • Congratulations! I agree with everyone above, budget and approximate number of guests and then you can start determining venue etc.  I would say venue is the first thing to decide, then you can have a date and you can start looking at vendors with that date available.
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