mwitter80 - Another G. Fox question!

I forgot to ask you this one...and I know other possible G. Fox brides have asked it on here too...  Did you find the opening of/crowds from Room 960 distracting?  My only issue may be that since our wedding will be close to 200 people, the bar will need to be in the atrium...

Re: mwitter80 - Another G. Fox question!

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    It really wasn't a distraction until around 11pm. Club 960 is actually on the front side and not near the atrium and so it shouldn't be a problem at all.
    Our only distraction was the snake lady upon the exit of the wedding

    That would be my mother in the green, my sister's mother in-law and my aunt who was also our officiant.
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    GOOD GOOD to hear!  But wait, what???  SNAKE lady!??!?!?  :)

    Our reception will be winding down at 11, so all sounds good!
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