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Hi Everyone I am not married yet but my technological inept cousin just did and asked me to put up her reviews so here goes hope it helps someone!Tunxis, Farmington,CT: Marlo was fabulous, everything went perfect her recommendations were great and the night went very smoothly thanks to her and the staff there!!!HGK Designs- She did a wonderfully beautiful job on our flowers.  Due to only doing weddings I found her easy to reach and her attention to detail did not go unnoticed!I would review my cake but she is no longer in business due to moving so sorry!

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    The Tunxis Plantation has very nice grounds, but there is only one bathroom in the whole place for each sex, with one head apiece. When I went there for a wedding, there was a line out the door for the head, with at least a 30 minute wait. My FH had his own issues with long lines and no place to "park it." So, he picked me out of my line and we drove into Farmington Center down the road from the Tunxis Plantation and relieved ourselves at the Farmington Inn downtown.
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