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where to book Tahiti honeymoon

Fi and I are exploring Tahiti as a honeymoon destination. Can anyone recommend who/where to book through?

Re: where to book Tahiti honeymoon

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    We booked our HM to Fiji through South Seas Adventures. They specialize in the South Pacific islands such as Fiji, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Moorea, and Bora Bora.

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    I booked through a Liberty Travel agent.  We got a great deal.  PM me if you want her info.

    We also priced out trips through Costco which were nice, but slightly more expensive than what we ended up going with.
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    We're going to Fiji and using a travel agent.
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    I've been to Tahiti 5 times- I booked through Gotahiti.com twice, I booked it all myself once (points and miles) and the other two times I booked it through Easy Escapes Travel. GoTahiti only does Tahiti, go Easy Escapes does Fiji, Tahiti or the Cooks- really anywhere South Pacific. I have some pictures in my bio of Tahiti, but I don't think I've gotten around to adding any Fiji pics yet :)


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    We booked with pacificislands.com and has soo many logistical issues, it's hard to imagine so many things can go wrong in one trip. We had a good time in Tahiti, because we made a conscience effort not to let it influece our Honeymood, but I would tell everyone to stay away from that tour agency. 
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