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Looking for suggestions for an August honeymoon


We're getting married in August, 2013, and we're starrting to look at honeymoon destinations.  Neither of us has ever done the resort thing, but we'd be interested in trying it (thinking that it may be an 'easy', relaxing way of going about it after the hectic wedding planning/family stuff.)

Originally, we had thought maybe Jamaica or Turks and Caicos, somewhere like that, but then we realized that it's the wet/hurricane season.  Ideally, we would like somewhere warm (but perhaps not desert-hot) and not Europe (FI has too much family over there, and we don;t want to make it into a 'visiting family' trip.)

Thanks in advance for suggestions!
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Re: Looking for suggestions for an August honeymoon

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    You could pretty much go anywhere in the US in August and it'd be hot.  Where do you live?  I'm assuming Canada as you don't have a city under your username.  
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    Haha!  Yes, posting my city would have been a smart idea...  We live in Vancouver, Canada.
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    What about going to Cape Cod?  Have you been there before?  Or are you looking for a city aspect too?  If so you could go to Boston, NYC, Chicago, San Fran, etc.  
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    [QUOTE]What about going to Cape Cod?  Have you been there before?  Or are you looking for a city aspect too?  If so you could go to Boston, NYC, Chicago, San Fran, etc.  
    Posted by MrsGandthebeag[/QUOTE]

    Good suggestion!  I was actually in Cape Cod this summer.  I drove coast to coast with my dog this summer visiting family, and we(dog and I) stayed there for a few days.  Beautiful spot, and the people were amazing and warm.
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    We are honeymooning close to then as well and had the same issue. If we can find a reasonable deal we are thinking either Tahiti/Bora Bora area or Thailand. Should be about the same type of weather as the carribean, but not their rainy season.
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    We went to Bora Bora in the beginning of August this year.  It's not likely that you'll find a great deal to go there in August, but the weather was perfect the entire week we were there!
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    have you looked at Aruba?  I believe that is not in the hurricane belt.
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    Couples Resorts in Jamaica - buy travel insurance and keep an eye on the weather. More then likely you'll be fine :)
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    I second Aruba! The weather is perfect in Aruba year round, below the hurricane belt, and August is technically in the low season. If you want to go the AI route, there are a few hotels with that option. But I would recommend not doing that since the restaurants in Aruba are wonderful and it's safe to explore the island on your own. Our honeymoon was in August in Aruba and we had an amazing time. 
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