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Honeymoon in October HELP!

We are getting married this October and can't decide where to honeymoon.  We have thought about Seattle, Jamaica, Aruba, and Dominican Republic. We would like to keep it under $3000 so the Carribean islands are hard to find in that price.  Also, we are worried about hurricaine season in the Carribean.  Any and all suggestions are welcome!  We are open to anywhere really :)

Re: Honeymoon in October HELP!

  • I am traveling to Jamaica in October for our honeymoon.  We just got travel insurance.  Buy the travel insurance and don't worry about hurricane season.  That's what the insurance is for.  If you still are worried, maybe Aruba would work since it's out of the hurricane belt as PP said.  Not sure about pricing there, if it's doable for 3k though.  

    No matter where you go, you can't control the weather.  Get insurance and enjoy your honeymoon whereever you go.  :)  Good luck!
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  • PPs are right... You should be fine in Aruba. And definitely take the insurance... Last year, our Sept honeymoon was canceled not once, but twice because of hurricanes. It's worth the investment. GL!
  • I think Aruba is fairly expensive.  You could try los Cabos....I think it is out of the hurricane belt since it is on the pacific side.  I went there in October and the weather was beautiful.  :)  Or stay stateside!
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  • Aruba does seem to be fairly expensive.  We are game for staying stateside as well, any recommendations other than Napa (we've been there)?
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    [QUOTE]Aruba does seem to be fairly expensive. <strong> We are game for staying stateside as well, any recommendations </strong>other than Napa (we've been there)?
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    If you are looking for a beach vacation, this wouldn't be it, but otherwise Chicago is a lot of fun! You could definitely do it for under $3000. Hotwire has some great deals on hotels (you can choose the area of town you want to be in and the number of stars) and a lot of stuff is walkable, so you save on transportation. There is wonderful eating, museums, plays/musicals, etc. and depending on when in Oct., the weather can be really lovely--past the hot and humid but not yet cold.

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  • What about southern California? Lovely weather and nice beaches! :-)
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  • FI and I are going to Florida for our honeymoon in November.  I've been to the East Coast in October, and it is still gorgeous and warm! :)
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