does this mean bad luck?

So, at my wedding, two weeks ago, with everything going on, I didn't get to eat any cake!  We saved our top layer to be eaten on our first wedding anniversary.  WELL, I was DYING to try it so I took it out of the freezer and cut it in half, my mom and I ate the half =p. and I put the other half back in the freezer.It was good but tasted FREEZER BURNED! after only 2 weeks, so imagine what its going to taste like in a year, we wont want more than a bite, so then I deff didnt feel bad about it.Well, my DH looked at me like I just killed his dog or something!  He said I probably cursed our marriage or something..he was obviously kidding (kinda!lol) but really, what do you guys think? am i terrible or what?

Re: does this mean bad luck?

  • Whippet8Whippet8 member
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    FI and I are planning on eating ours within the week after our wedding. This way we actually get to enjoy it...esp since our layer is different from the otehrs!
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  • acapalboacapalbo member
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    Actually, we got married a month ago and were too amp'd up to eat more than the bite that we fed each other.  The next day when we picked up our cake we took it home and ate a piece each.  We finished it off within a week and honestly couldn't be happier that we did. We figured that: 1) we had no space in our freezer for the cake, 2) why not eat while its still good and 3) eating our wedding cake early isn't going to affect the longevity and quality of our marriage. Enjoy your cake!
  • ldevietroldevietro member
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    Okay, thanks girls, I feel better! Good enough so, I might eat the rest! LOL, jk.
  • memj09memj09 member
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    If you wrap it in aluminum foil it should be ok.  I cut ours into 12 pieces and we are eating a piece every month - no reason to wait a whole year imo.
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    I like the idea of eating a peice a month...but I don't see us even saving any for a year. FI looked at me like I was nuts and asked why anyone would want to eat year-old cake...LOL. Tradition or not, I think we might just enjoy it while it's fresh and not freeze anything!
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  • ggmaeggmae member
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    Um, no. You are not terrible and it certainly is not bad luck. We served our top layers to guests at our day-after picnic. All I had gotten of it the day before was the piece DH fed to me and there was no way I was waiting a year to get a piece!
  • Vikki2payVikki2pay member
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    It's not bad luck to eat it.  Mine is just taking up room in my freezer, but DH won't eat it untill March 21, but I keep threating all the time (I want my freezer space back)It must be a guy thing :)
  • YAYMiaBrideYAYMiaBride member
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    i think it's bad luck not to eat your cake on your wedding day so no i dont think you did anything wrong, you were just balancing things out!!
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