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Aisle runner?

Hi ladies!I am getting married at a hotel in basically a dressed up conference room.  I was thinking of doing a fabric aisle runner, but one of my BMs just told me a story about how someone tripped and got tangled coming down the aisle and that makes me nervous.Has anyone used an aisle runner on top of carpet and had any problems?

Re: Aisle runner?

  • Whippet8Whippet8 member
    edited December 2011
    ** I'm also very interested in the answer to this question!** Thanks for asking it!
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    I did! and nobody was injured :) We used double sided tape and anchored it up near the altar (or wherever you'll be saying your vows) and when my brothers pulled the runner down the aisle, someone anchored it in the back of the church too. It didn't budge!
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    I've seen it go both ways.  I think you definitely need to make sure it's secured well at both ends.  I think the problem that I saw at the one wedding is that the carpet wasn't commercial low pile carpet and the brides high heel poked through the runner because there was give and the runner was loose too.
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  • Vikki2payVikki2pay member
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    edited December 2011
    We didn't use the one I had for that one reason. Dad's not to surefooted and I didn't want him to fall and drag me down with him.
  • starrbuk13starrbuk13 member
    edited December 2011
    my JP recommended that we not to an aisle runner b/c if they aren't secured right, they can be a nightmare. we got married in grass, so there's really no easy way to secured it the entire length of the runner... as long as you make sure it's really really secured to the carpet, and pulled taught, you should be fine.
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    I will be getting married in a chapel with a carpet floor and have decided to forgoe the aisle runner altogether for the following reasons - potential tripping hazard if not tapen down or secured properly for both elderly guests and women in heels; if it rips or tears it just looks ugly; and it's a budget buster item (as in, an item you buy and use exactly once and then throw away.) I personally would rather use the $40 or so on something else. :-) But that's just me throwing in my 2 cents - it's okay to skip it, too.  
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    I should have specified that this is a thicker cotton aisle runner so I don't think it will rip, and we are renting it not buying it.I guess I'm just nervous about it in general....I maybe need to think about it a little more.
  • Agey310Agey310 member
    edited December 2011
    Personally I have chosen to forgo the aisle runner because I have seen some disasters with them. One wedding that I was at was held outside and as the bride walked down the aisle she got tangeld up, luckily she didn't trip but it was still quite a production. You could go an alternate route and maybe line the aisle with flower petals so that there is still a very distinct aisle without the trip factor.
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    Our florist used pins to secure the aisle runner to the carpet.  It didn't budge and nobody tripped!
  • malissa033malissa033 member
    edited December 2011
    we did! and no-one tripped && our aisle runner was a cheap fabric one from JoAnn's - that my brothers just rolled out so it wasn't even pinned. I think you'll be fine.
  • YAYMiaBrideYAYMiaBride member
    edited December 2011
    given that i'm a HUGE klutz i wont be doing this. however, i'm also outdoors under a tent so this isnt going to be an option for me.
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