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Is negril nicer than montego bay?

We were thinking of switching the honeymoon from secrets montego bay to couples swept away

Re: Is negril nicer than montego bay?

  • I know 2 couples that honeymooned in Negril and they loved it!  That is where FI and I are planning to go also.  We just went to a travel agent the other day and I was looking at our brochure and Couples Swept Away was my #1 choice so that would be my vote :)
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  • Both are nice. Negril is about 90 minutes from the airport. The drive used to be terrible, but the roads are better now. You can't go wrong with either one in my opinion. So I would choose based on the resort and the amenities.  Also, if you are planning to go to Ocho Rios or Dunns River Falls, Mo Bay is much closer than Negril. However, YSL falls is about 90 min from Negril and is very nice as well.  Definitely get out and explore Jamaica.
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    It depends what aspects of the resort are more important to you. 

    I have been on the grounds of Secrets but I've never stayed there as a guest.  Secrets is newer so it feels more modern; more modern rooms, more uptodate facilities.  It's on a peninsula so it's actually outside of the city.  You can't just walk into town.  Even if you could, downtown Montego Bay, doesn't have much to offer.   I've lived there and love the island but with the exception of a few restaurants and the craft market (if you have the strength to deal with pushy salespeople), you wont really miss much by not going into Montego Bay.  Agree with pp that it's closer for day-trips to Dunns River Falls, but unless the other features (close to airport and newer resort) are most important to you, my pick would be Swept Away in Negril. 

    Negril, is in my opinion, on of the best beaches in the entire country.  It is crystal clear, almost no seaweed, calm, warm waters.  Couple Swept Away is also one of my favorite AI resorts-- I've been there several times.  The grounds are lush, the garden rooms have a very open-air concept that make you feel pretty close to nature.  The original rooms have ceiling to floor louver windows that let in the night sounds and tropical breezes.  Many rooms have huge day beds on the balconies.  The room is minimally furnished with lots of teak and white linens.  There are no tvs.  To me, that's a perfect setting for a honeymoon.  They have newer rooms that also have tvs, for those who can't live without them.  Negril is more remote and less crowded, and there are a few nearby bars and restaurants worth visiting, with beautiful views.

    Hope this helps you compare both and make a decision, though I don't think you can really go wrong either way.
  • I've been to many Ocho Rios, Runaway Bay and Negril - All beautiful, Negril's beaches are amazing, yet for our Honeymoon we've decided on two weeks at Secret Wild Orchid, It just took things to the next level. Though, we will do a day trip to Negril. Really depends on what your looking for CSA is not a very modern resort from what I have heard...
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  • We switched to couples swept away!! I do think the rooms are nicer at secrets but I like the overall feel of csa better
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