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We were thinking cruise for a summer honeymoon in 2014. 
1. How far out should we book a cruise? 
2. Would it be a problem for traveling outside the US with my pasport when my name changes?  I guess the question should be, when do I need to get a passport with my new name?

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    1) book when you're sure of the dates.
    2) you can only change the name on your passport with the official marriage cert you get AFTER you get married so unless you have months after the wedding to change your passport before you go away you will travel and book everyhting in maiden name.

    review travel.state.gov for passport rules.


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    If you want a specific cabin, book early.  If you're fexible & are betting the prices go down (which is a gamble), you can book up to a week before. 

    As somebody aldready explained to you, you will sail under your birth name because you can't update the paperwork for your passport without the marriage license. 
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    Good points have been made.  I check my cruise every morning to see if the price drops. I don't know for other cruise lines...but Royal Caribbean takes money off your amount still owed until you've paid in full should the price drop.  After you've paid in full they give you an on board ship credit to use on excursions, alcohol, etc.

    As far as the name change, regardless of what type of honeymoon you go on, it's always advised to travel under your MAIDEN name since you wouldn't have had an opportunity yet to do any of your name change stuff.  I'm not going on my honeymoon for 3 weeks but I don't plan on switching my last name until after that as I know I cannot get a passport in that time (without paying a crapton of money).
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    Thank you everyone. You have been a great help.  My fiance is actually the one in charge of planning this, but I will pass on the information.
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