Engagement photo check and a makeup review!

Well the weather held up yesterday and FI and I had our photos taken at Hubbard Park.  We were with our photographer for about an hour and half and he took well over 300 shots, so hopefully there are a few good ones in there, lol.  The only downside was that we all really wanted to go up to Castle Craig, but the town of Meriden closes the access road in mid october, so the only way to get there is the 4ish mile hike and that was not gonna happen.  But besides that, we had a really good time.  They said the turn around time for our gallery to be up in between 3-4 weeks.  Also I know I had posted before about having issues with communication, but that situation has completely resolved itself, and won't be a problem in the future due to some personnel and company changes. 

I also just wanted to give a review of my makeup trial that I had done.  My hairdresser also does makeup and owns her own salon in Wallingford, CT.  I decided I wanted to try her first since she is also doing my hair for the wedding and it would make things easier to have 1 person do everything if I liked the results rather than go to 1 place for my hair and another for makeup.  I absolutely loved my makeup yesterday.  She did a full application so it was really heavy, but it's mineral makeup so it didn't feel like I had a lot on, even though I did.  Although it wasn't airbrush makeup, between the primer and finishing spray my makeup stayed put all day (had makeup done at 11am, photos didn't start until 4:45 and it still looked flawless).  Her prices are also super reasonable.  Yesterday cost me $50, and my day of will be $65.  So if anyone is looking for a makeup person that won't break the bank I'd definitely recommend Charlene from Charlene Elizabeth Salon in Wallingford.  She also said she is thinking of running a special for makeup application on New Year's Eve so if anyone is still looking, that might be a good time to have a trial done and not pay the full price.  Here is a picture of me yesterday before heading out for our photos.  Yesterdays makeup was more of a matte look, but Charlene said for the wedding day we will go for more of a "glowing" look with pink, peach and gold tones.

Re: Engagement photo check and a makeup review!

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