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I am getting married on 9-10-11. I have a lot of the big things completed with the exception of our honeymoon.

I really would like for us to go on cruise for our honeymoon as there is all was something to do. So I have choosen a Caribbean cruise. I know, it's hurricane season and risk a huge chance of not having a honeymoon, but it's a risk I am willing to take.

But this where I need your help. Since my Fi and I cannot decide I am looking to the knotties.

I have found a 7 day cruise leaving from San Juan and crusing Aruba, Curacao, St. Thomas and one other place that I cannot think of. The plane ticket is about $600 and the cruise for 2 is about $1400.

I also looked at a cruise from Miami to the Bahamas. The curise is about $600 and the place tickets are maybe $300 (I didnt price it)

Tell me what do you think?
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