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So I'm turning to you ladies with a few construction questions about Water's Edge. I haven't discussed it on the boards, because of self promotion issues, but I started a wedding planning business. I have a bride who hired me a few months back for her 2012 wedding at Water's Edge. She just sent me an email panicing saying that she needs to change her venue, because of the issues with a condo having been built and now there isn't an ocean view. I had heard about this, but didn't realize what she is describing, was going to happen. 

I google it and then found a bunch of stuff like this:

"We are getting married there in a month. When we signed our contract 2 years ago, we signed for a water's view from the gazebo. There is now a horrid condo complex in front of the gazebo and it is blocking the water's view entirely.  We were never even notified of this. A collegue of mine had to be the one to break the news to me. Our wedding is ruined! Instead of having ocean view ceremony pictures, we will have pictures of our wedding party in front of a huge ugly building! We never would have gotten married there if we knew this was happening."

I found a review too on Trip Advisor where a bride is freaking out there too.  Has anyone been there to see this? I called the venue and they said this isnt the case. Is what's being said on line actually the truth? I would appreciate the help. Thank you!

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Re: Water's Edge Questions

  • llinds7277llinds7277 member
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    I am getting married at Water’s Edge August 19 and saw the current state of the construction just recently, maybe two weekends ago.  They have finished all of the landscaping they were doing, and are still in the process of building a condo directly between the gazebo/lawn and the ocean.  I was not aware of all of this until I went for dinner one evening with my fiancé and saw the lawn totally dug up.  I am a  bit disappointed with that, as well as the fact that the new building cuts off I would guess a third of the ocean view as you walk out back, and pretty much the entire view from the gazebo.  I was going to hold my ceremony in this location, but have spoken to Cindy at Water’s Edge about my disappointment and, along with allowing me to move my ceremony to the “Royal Terrace” (where there is a white lattice-work gazebo and a much better view) she is offering additional compensation (in case your client is interested, they would also have allowed me to move the ceremony to the Lower Lawn, directly in front of the water).  I hope this helps, but I would also recommend speaking to Cindy, as she has been very accommodating.   PS. Has your client signed the contract/put down a deposit as of yet?  I checked and, unfortunately, it says very clearly that Water’s Edge reserves the right to change the layout of the grounds, erect new buildings, etc.  It is really unfortunate since the water view is their big draw…


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    Sorry to tell you, but I work there and it is true. I don't know any terms of contracts and whatnot, but I will admit it is an eyesore right now. I would suggest talking to Cindy about it. Truthfully I would be upset if I were getting married there. If they can get married on the lawn hen the view will still be gorgeous.
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    Yikes! I went there. It's a mess!!! Thank you ladies for responding.  Now I have to try to cancel and get her deposit back. Wish me luck.
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  • SuMmErKuTiESuMmErKuTiE member
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    This is really sad to hear.. I got married there last year in the garden gazebo and it was beautiful. The biggest draw to us getting married there was the waterviews from the garden gazebo and the cocktail hour out on the terrace. I can't imagine why they would build a condo right there!

    But as pp mentioned.. Cindy is WONDERFUL. I'm sure she will work with your client and do whatever she can to try and accomodate the situation so that they can still get married outside with the ocean views whether on the lawn or up on the terrace. I hope your client doesn't back out of a Waters Edge wedding, because it truely is amazing there and our entire experience was perfect. The views, the food, all the inclusions with the package are more than worth it. If your client's wedding isn't until 2012 there is more than enough time for the construction to get cleared up and for her to have a beautiful outdoor wedding there either on the lawn or up on the terrace. They may even move the garden gazebo since it's appeal will no longer be there.
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    @summerkutie -
    She's already decided that she would rather lose her deposit, than keep the venue. However, it is in June of 2012 so I'm sure they can find a replacement.  More than a 3rd of the view is now gone. In her mind it doesn't have the same feel at all.
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