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HELP!!!! Free vacation and JVl Wedding bands... scam or not??


Re: HELP!!!! Free vacation and JVl Wedding bands... scam or not??

  • Well I got my gift cards but i didnt have to sit through a sale of free vacation, but instead it was a pots and pans demonstration. Really nice, but wayy to expensive for me. It didnt really matter if i got the pans or not because I still recieved my wedding band gift cards at the end of the presentation. We used it and it worked. All we paid for was shipping for the rings and that was it. We love them.
  • I cant say anything about a free vacation because I didnt get this offer, but I did use the gift card from them and now I have two beautiful titanium wedding bands from jvl and all I paid for was the shipping.
  • I also received this call and went to the show this afternoon. IT IS NOT A SCAM. It was very much so a sales pitch but there was no pressure in purchasing any of the items. For just showing up we received either a trip or complimentary wedding bands and a coupon book with $1000 in savings. We were actually interested in the pots and pans and purchased a set which gave us 3 gifts including a vacation of our choice (with locations of 3000 different places in the world at a 5 star condominium resort), complimentary wedding bands and the coupon book. We did not have to pay for anything up front. Once we order the rings, we pay $25 for shipping and handling. The coupon book will cost us $4.95 for shipping and handling and once we book the trip, it will be $280 for an 8 day 7 night stay at a resort of our choice. Not bad to me. I say try it out before you comment that it is a scam! Hope this helps
  • Did anyone go on the trip? How was it
  • Are you ready to buy thousands of dollars worth of pots and pans? He did a fair job of explaining to couples their current cookware was either giving them, their kids or their future kids an illness, or losing money every day on wasted food, money, blah blah blah... he talked so fast I couldn't really understand it all. BUT, if you have they money, or enjoy adding to your monthly spending, by all means buy this cookware because it is something that works better than anything else out there. I'm just planning for a wedding here, so we didn't buy it.
  • Who on earth are all these rando posters?
    Now even more I think it's a scam.
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  • Hey, did you purchase the cookware and have you had any problems with it?
  • So about this... I went to the demonstration because I got suckered into it (It was labeled as a "bridal expo" which is was NOT!).  

    It was a cooking demonstration for a really expensive pan set.  The demonstration was 1 hour long, and they guy was really good about it. (I felt really bad, he was going through a lot of trouble and work when there was only us and one other couple present at the place). I knew as soon as I walked in this was NOT what I had expected. Being polite we sat through the entire thing.  The cookware was way to expensive for us to buy (I'm sure it's a good deal and not knocking anyone else who got it, but we just can't afford it as we're paying for our own wedding). 

    The JVL bands-  I have not ordered them yet, but the website seems legit as far as I can see.  Basically, I will order them and take the chance. We both have our bands actually from real Jewelers (Kay and Zales).  But I figure I'll get two of the men's bands and then if the fiance loses his or it gets wrecked or something it will be a good place holder ring in the meantime. 

    I will update if i find out that JVL is a scam but fingers crossed for me. :)
  • My fiance and I went to this. It is a sales pitch from a company called Royal Prestige selling fancy cookware. The cookware is EXTREMELY expensive, like in the $1900-$3000 range per set. For the presentation they talk about the cookware and feed you some food that they cook in it. Its about 90 minutes long total. 

    Looks like good quality cookware but it was way out of our price range. 

    We received the wedding band voucher (yes there is a $25 shipping fee, he told us about it up front). Not sure if I trust getting our rings from JVL though. 
    3 day 2 night stay in a hotel of the 25-30 choices they have on the voucher. The voucher is good ONLY for Sunday-Wednesday.

    We walked away without being hassled but I don't think the prizes were worth it. 

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    sorry to disappoint the spam and scam theorists, but it's pretty much as everyone has been stating on this thread for the last 4 years: watch a cookware demo, pick your prize. the saleswoman was upfront in her voicemail, informing us that it was a sales demo for cookware and china, and that we were under no obligation to purchase and the gifts were ours just for coming. for us, prize 1 was a choice between a trip or rings (we thought the rings were a better value bc they're more expensive than a hotel room for 2 nights), prize 2 was a voucher for tix to a bridal show (which is nowhere close to where we live), and prize 3 was some voucher to a website that sends you $1000 worth of coupons when you pay s&h.

    the cookware itself was REALLY nice, and we would have done it, but $1999 was the CHEAPEST package and we'd rather have cake and flowers at the wedding instead of pots. you have to either pay all at once with your credit card, or open a revolving account with them and be billed monthly for like 2 years. nope and nope.

    check it out (or don't if you think it stinks). the worst that will happen is that you get free wedding bands
  • We went. Wasn't a scam. Of course there is no such thing as completely free but 50 bucks in shipping and we now have two wedding bands. 100 dollar refundable hotel deposit and we saved 300 on our stay. Presentation was great. Products are reasonable:) I was scared it was a scam too but it's pretty legit
  • OH WOW ok so I JUST got back from a 90 minute (really more like a 2 hour +) demo presentation at The Radisson in New Rochelle. I got a call after a bridal expo stating we 'won' a free gift from Bridal Registry Events Promotions. 
    We were SO interested! Let me explain why...
    SOOOO the free gift was $1,000 in coupons (which it turns out you need to pay $5 to mail in and 'redeem', not to mention their offers actually suck), plus you can choose between two offers of 2night/3day vacation at an all inclusive hotel, or more destinations at a non all inclusive package (WHICH It turns out there is FINE PRINT stating you need to pay $178 upfront before you can even talk to a travel agent, and you Must check in on a Monday or a Tuesday, AKA no weekend vacations!), or a $700 value of titanium/tungsten rings (which I found the coupon code online to get them free with $25 shipping anyways). So at the time we were interested in the all inclusive vacation.

    We get to the presentation, there are a few other couples, and we are educated about a company called 'Cook World' cookware. 
    Turns out the pots seem pretty legit. But once he brought up the price of $2000....everyone in the room was like NOPE!...Until he mentions that you ALSO get a 7night/8day stay at almost any hotel in the world you want - aka honeymoon paid for. SO WE WERE IN!!....problem is, no paperwork. You are only given a limited amount of time full of excitement and thrill about to make a impulsive decision while the representative ('JERRY' - WHO WAS ONE OF THE RUDEST STRANGERS I EVER CAME IN CONTACT WITH, I'll explain) half pressures you into deciding what you want to do. But when I asked my representative named JERRY for the terms and conditions BEFORE I sign on any dotted line, he came up into my face, got very loud so the entire room could hear it and told me that if I was interested in purchasing for the vacation and I wasn't interested in the POTS then I shouldn't even purchase. My non-confrontational fiance and I were pretty taken back. 

    We ignored his absolute disrespect, and when I asked him again for terms and conditions, he quickly snaps 'there are none! Do you see any terms and conditions? There are none! I am giving you my cell phone number, you have my word, I will write down '7 night 8 day stay' and you will initial it!'.....so....no terms and conditions eh? Well not in that room, but there are ALWAYS terms and conditions especially when you are signing a contract you don't even get to read before you agree to abide by it (not even sure how this whole ordeal is legal to be honest). He interrupts every word I or my fiance try to get in and insults us by hollering in front of the other couples (part if his business tactic - peer pressure, fear, demeaning, etc) to 'go sit down and figure it out', and when we do, he mumbles loudly 'I have 5 kids, I know how to deal with kids'. OK WOW. 

    From that point on we decided Forget it, A. he is obviously hiding something if he feels it necessary to conduct his business in this fashion, B. I dont even want to give him the sale right now with that kind of mouth, C. This is sounding reallllly sketch and I dont have a good feeling about it. So we decided to drop it and leave with our 'free' 2 night/3 day stay' (which is only to 5 hotels that are OK - [ex: Wyndham Aztec and Maya], that you must Only check in on a Monday-Tuesday, you obv pay taxes and airfare, but you also are required to pay fees ahead of time before 'redeeming' it or speaking to Any travel agency, which I don't trust).

    I did my research this morning....and it turns out it is a VERY good thing I did NOT go through with the purchase because I then read the terms and conditions of all of our 'free' gifts, and guess what..WE FOUND THE SAME POTS (different company but same manufacturer, same exact thing with a different sticker slabbed on top) ON AMAZON FOR $250!!! MIND YOU, he was selling them for $2,000 and explaining what a great deal that was! HAH!!! He claimed the ENTIRE night it was 'LIFETIME WARRANTY' which in fact was a LIMITED lifetime warranty...oh I can go on and on about how Sketch this was.

    SO I don't want to say 'oh it is a 100% scam' because I think I read how people have gone on these vacations and jumped through all of these loops and holes, but in the end, the saying 'too good to be true', once again, wins. Praise GOD for revealing this to us before it was too late.

    Do your research. 
    I will be getting the pots (with over 100 4-5 star real reviews on amazon) Amazon for 1/10th of the price, and hopefully I can still get a good deal on my honeymoon through a MUCH less sketchier means:) But I wish I could go back in time and stick up for myself to the rep, as well as help the other couples realize this information before they went through with their purchase.

  • We went to the same presentation on Saturday night in Jamaica Queens.  We had the same experience as the New Rochelle couple above! When I questioned the fine print on the certificate for the free hotel nights "Jerry" got really angry with me! 

    First of all "Jerry" never mentioned the $100 "refundable" certified check (they will not take a US postal service money order either- SUPER sketchy) you need to send in order to begin the process of booking the trip.  Also the hotel chains he mentioned (Wyndham, Marriott) are nowhere to be seen on the certificate.  Plus he insisted there were no taxes, but the certificate says that you have to pay taxes and the certificate says they can change the detonation you choose based on availability.  He also said any additional nights would only be $39/ night and if you make it a week stay there would be no blackout dates.  Again NOWHERE to be found on the certificate.  After I questioned these items,  he started yelling at me and told me I interrupted him while he was taking people's orders.  After two wasted hours of my time I wasn't waiting until he took everyone else's "order" for his crappy pots and pans.

    During the presentation I asked a bunch of questions about the materials in the pots and pans and about their competitors in the marketplace and if I could buy a comparable product at a store (even if it cost "more"- which as you found out is a crock, they sell them on Amazon for WAY less!~).  Then he followed us out the door and got super defensive and childish and said "have a nice Sunday!"  That set my fiancee off and he stuck up for me and was like don't speak to her that way, etc.  He was so nice and funny during the presentation but once he found out we weren't going to buy anything he totally changed his attitude.  He became mean, nasty and super defensive.

    I feel like I wasted two hours of my life and a long drive out to the JFK area in traffic on a Saturday night for no reason.  Usually I can chalk stuff like this off to "another experience" but the whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.  The fact that a man and company like this travels all over the country making false promises to engaged couples (many of them much younger than us who were just starting out in life and you know they don't have very much money) basically stealing their money in "payment plans" for two year time frames (he never mentioned interest either, no fine print in his presentation!) just bothers me to no end.  I want to do something about this- put a stop to this charade.  The women who call you make it seem like you legitimately won a trip and that you have to sit through a short focus group to give your opinion on their products.  Seemed harmless to me.  I've done plenty of focus groups, I was like score!  Two free nights at a hotel in exchange for my time, what's the harm in that?  Instead it's a scam! Even the "free coupons" require $5 fee via snail mail before you even get the code to the website!

    I feel stupid for having ever gone.  I guess I was naive but really ladies if you get the call- stay far away!!!  And back to Jerry, I don't believe a word that came out of his mouth.  Who has five wedding bands?! And he looks way too young to have been married 19 years.  And I don't believe he has five kids either.  And if he grew up in the business and his dad worked for that company too then I truly hope his "children" have enough sense to get out of the family business!!!
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