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Recommended stores to buy BM dress off the rack

I have 1 MOH, 1 BM and 1 JBM. Since it's not a huge group, they're just going to get off the rack, store bought dresses.. instead of getting "bridesmaids" dresses from bridal shops. MOH is going to look into some stores and I asked her where she likes to shop so I can kinda help out as well, so I'm not too worried about her. JBM's dress we will get here because it's FI's daughter so that's no biggie either. My sister is my BM and while it's not really a big problem, I'm just looking for store/ website suggestions. She's 16 and pretty petite... though not so much in height, I guess I mean to say she's very thin and not quite the developed full figured woman yet. I reallly want to keep this under $100, under $50 even better, since my mom already has several expenses on her plate with the trip here and everything. The dress color would be either purple, red or pink and preferably short with a cute young flair to it. Fabric, I'm not too particular about... just nothing toooo casual looking. Any good places you know of?? TIA!!

Re: Recommended stores to buy BM dress off the rack

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