Bridesmaid Dresses/Flowers

Hi Ladies!!
I am planning to head out on Saturday to start the search for my Bridesmaids dresses.  Any ideas where to look?? I am having such a hard time picking a set color too.  I figured if I wait until I actually see what is out there and what we all like then I can decide.  I really like the bright colors (we are getting married in August this year), but then again I feel like the room should have pale colors, such a pale pinks and ivory.

And one more thing :)  ....I totally want to change my wedding date to June because my absolute favorite flower, Peony, is out of season in August and there is no guarentee that any one can actually get them from other countries then.  I want a big full flower, any other suggestions on other types of flowers in August?  I kind of want to stay away from the typical rose...

Thanks :):) 

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