(Hopefully) my last hair/make-up post

Any use a traveling make-up artist but getting your hair done at a salon??

It would be way cheaper to have my salon do our hair. I definitely want airbrush make-up, which my salon doesn't offer, so I'd like to use one of the ones that travels. 

My question is more about timeline. I'm thinking that if we do hair at my salon in town and then come to my house for make-up it will just drag out the entire day and I'll be pooped before the wedding! If we do hair/make-up together at my home it should speed things up, I would think.

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Re: (Hopefully) my last hair/make-up post

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    We're doing it all at my hotel suite, so I can't give opinions on the split locations, but I would still think doing it all in one location would be better.  The girls can rotate in and out of getting makeup and hair done.  If you have to go do hair first and then drive somewhere else for makeup, you have a lot of lost time with people waiting and not getting anything done.  Unless your salon can do all of your hair at the same time (i.e. 4 stylist w/ 4 girls or whatever) I think you're going to be pressed for time.

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    That's what I was thinking Ajulaji. Hmm..
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    I am having my hair done at a salon and makeup at my home by a friend from high school who now works for Clinique. Most of the girls will all be getting their hair done at the same time, so then we'll all go back to my parents' home to get dressed. And if I finish early, I'll just got back to my parents' house first to get started on make-up while the other girls finish up. But none of the others are getting their makeup done so that isn't a concern. Plus the makeup at the salon wasn't great!
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    I was going to get my hair done at my salon and then have the air brush makeup artist come to my house until I found out that it will take more time doing that and also my salon costs more! I agree with Carrie, you either get it all done at your salon or have a traveling hair/makeup team. However, some salons might let you have the makeup artist go to the salon to do your makeup. I've only seen that happened once and it was only because the salon my cousin picked didn't do makeup.
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    Nothing to offer as far as advice, just letting you know that you and I are on the exact same wave length. That was my NEXT question to the boards :)
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    We are having our make-up people come to my salon! So we can bang it all out one after another!! I don't know how most salons feel about bringing "others" in but it never hurts to ask!!
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    Just a little word of advice regarding the airbrush makeup - YES it looks fabulous but you can get the same effect (with a little practice) by using a quality gel primer after moisturizing, following up with SPF-free foundation, and applying SPF-free concealer only where necessary (on acne, under your eyes, and along the side of your nostrils).  Be sure to use high-quality makeup, such as Sephora or MAC, and you'll look amazing all night.
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