Canceling after trial - okay?

I had a hair trial a couple of weeks ago ago. Over the phone, she had quoted me $100 for the trial, $100 the day of and $90 for each additional person (sister, mom, mother-in-law). At the trail, she said she forgot to mention that it would be another $100 because she had to open the salon on a Sunday. Also, she's the only person that works there, so she estimated it would take 4 hours for all of us (even though my mom and MIL have chin-length hair and just really needed their hair styled - no updos). It all added up to $570 plus tip and we had to travel a good 30 minutes to the salon. 

Thinking about this, it seems crazy - especially the price! I'm also not totally excited about spending 4 hours in a salon on the morning of my wedding. Would it be ridiculous to go for a trial somewhere else? I called Dana Bartone today and got some prices - any reviews? What's the protocol for cancelling the first salon if I decide to do that?

Re: Canceling after trial - okay?

  • Just call and cancel if you want to, you'll lose your deposit probably.  Possibly the deposit might be refundable because she misquoted you?

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  • Dude that's insane.  Girl's gonna make $600+ off of you... and you're traveling to HER?

    HeIl no.  I'd cancel.

    And as a side note, I think $100 for a trial is WAY too much.  It's a TRIAL.  Though in all fairness, my trial is free (I've been going to my stylist for years and years).
  • Trials should not be the same as your day of hair.. that's ridiculous. 

    You can email/ call her and say "We've decided to go with another hair stylist. Thank you for your time." You don't need to explain what your reason is (unless you want to; some vendors appreciate that type of feedback, others don't).

    Dana Bartone has fantastic reviews on this board, but she's also pretty expensive. 

    Good luck!
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    Do you have a written contract with them?  If so, what does that say about cancellations?  I agree that you should cancel.  FWIW, I used Dana.  I also ended up canceling on the makeup artist that I did my first trial with.  Different situation with total drag queen makeup and an unreliable makeup artist (she showed up very late to someone else's wedding, so they missed taking family pictures), so I did cancel.  I had a contract and I lost my deposit even though it was almost a year before my wedding.  After seeing Dana's contract, I realized that my first person had unreasonable contract policies... she just did bad business.  Dana was amazing and made me feel so comfortable.  She recreated exactly what I wanted.  Amy did the makeup for my BMs and she was great too.  Dana was a bit more expensive than the first person I booked, but honestly, she was amazing and so professional.  It was worth paying a little more to have the peace of mind that things would turn out exactly how I wanted and I didn't have to worry about her at all.  She also only charged me one travel fee even though Amy did the makeup for my BMs at our hotel and I got mine done later by Dana at the venue.  They traveled separately.
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  • just cancel. it seems too much.
  • I would just cancel. I'm using Michael D'errico. He is amazing. Did a wonderful job on my hair and makeup for my trial. If you want info on him email me and I'll get you his contact. Taraleblanc at
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  • Thanks for the advice! I have a trial with Dana Bartone on Saturday. I called to cancel my original stylist and left a detailed message and she hasn't returned my call. I didn't sign a contract or anything, but didn't pay for the trial (she said I could do that on the day of my wedding). Is it bad that if I don't call a second time?! 
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