Hi ladies
Had the first bridal appointment this morning.  It was not at overwhelming as I imagined.  My Bridal Consultant was great!  Took Mom and Sister along and we had a good time. 
I found the dress!! :)

How long did it take for your gowns to come back?

Re: Gowns

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    Mine took close to 6 months because it was a Casablanca that got delayed several times. However, David's Bridal can do it usually pretty quick. It depends on a lot of things!!! What dress did you get?!
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    Congrats!  Where did you end up getting it?  I ordered mine at the end of July and it should be in sometime in February.  Mine is also a Casablanca.
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    I ordered mine from David's Bridal and was told 3 months - it ended up taking 2 weeks! Make sure you've given thought to where your dress will live for the next few months (especially if you live with FI already), because I didn't and ended up scrambling once it came in! 

    Now I just have to fight the urge to put it on all the time Smile
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    Thanks ...the gown is Kathy Ireland...from a local bridal shop in New Haven.  The consultant told me like 6 months for the gown and another few weeks for alterations (which is fine because I have plenty of time). 

    FI and I do live together so my gown will go to my parents my old closet bedroom (awwwww)
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