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    You could probably have it altered if you find a good seamstress. I bought my dress at a consignment shop, Love Me Two Times in Taftville, not sure what area you're from. They have a large bridal selection, along with regular consigned items. You could probably sell it there if you have your heart set on another type of dress.
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    Thanks for the suggestions :) I should check into that as well...I wonder if they would even give me near what I paid for it at a consignment shop though?
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    I was just in Love Me Two Times today.  The seamstress seemed very competent if you wanted to alter your dress.  Not sure about their rates for buying.  Yesterday I was at Bride To Be in Glastonbury.  That would be another good consignment shop to check out.

    You might not get what you originally paid for your dress, but you might get an amount that would essentially let you trade it in for another consigned dress. 

    Good luck!
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    brides to be in glastonbury is a bridal consignment shop
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