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Scam or not?

I recieved a call from this group saying I "won" a 2-3 night stay in either the Bahamas, DR or Mexico... airfare not included but the stay is at the Wyndam Resorts from my understanding and food and all drinks alcohol or not are included. Also $1,000 in free groceries, and 2 other "gifts" that were really just ways to buy their things easier.  Anywho, they want me to come to a seminar in a couple of days for a demo of their product (cookware).  They said no money was needed or involved, but I read somewhere that you have to put $100 refundable deposit down on the vaca because people booked and never showed up. 
So it sounds great BUT I don't have 100 bucks to throw around and am nervous.  I figured it won't kill me to just go to the demo.  i definitly won't buy anything and spening an hour or two won't hurt me if theres a chance of a prize. 
I want to know if anyone has 1. gone to these demos and how are they?  what did you have to pay for and how much etc?  and 2. if anyone actually went on these trips and what the vacations were like.  Where you in a safe area?  What would you rate the rooms they accomadated you in? 

Thank you in advance!

Re: Scam or not?

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