NWR: Court Summons for Speeding?!

Hi Ladies-

So, this morning, I got a court summons after getting pulled over for speeding. Not a ticket, a friggin COURT SUMMONS for the 22 of December (Merry christmas to me!). After doing some research, I can't figure out why I got a Court Summons rather than a ticket- I didn't get charged with reckless driving, endangerment or any of that- all it says on the ticket is speeding with the code for speeding on it. I was going 69 in a 45- admittedly unsafe- but really? Why didn't I just get a ticket? Has anyone else ever gotten a court summons for speeding? Luckily for me the fine for the code listed on the ticket is only $213 (which isn't bad compared to how high they could get)....

Re: NWR: Court Summons for Speeding?!

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    Was there anything that the officer who pulled you over said that might have explained it?
    I think this happened to FI once, it might be the time of year? I know when he went for the court date, they offered to drop the ticket if he donated 50$ to charity. Hopefully they will do that for you :)

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  • rswan412rswan412 member
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    That would rock! All he said was that he pulled me over for speeding, gave me the summons, I asked him if I could go for jail for it (I panicked when I heard "court" LOL) and the officer said no, "this is the worst of it" and that I could go to the court, plead guilty and pay the fine or plead not guilty and it would go to trial. I asked why it would go to trial, he said I had a right to face my accuser (him) and that he would have to be at court. I think that's all too ridiculous...I'm just nervous I'll get there and they'll throw reckless driving on top of it (techinically it is) and it'll be on my record which equals no job for me now or ever (in my field you have to have a clean criminal record, reckless driving goes on my criminal record). It doesn't say anything about that on the court summons, I just have no clue what they can and can't do legally...

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    I believe it may be because your were going so far over the speed limit.  I was with someone that had something similar happen.  If I remember correctly, the officer actually said that he could have impounded the car at that speed, but he reduced it, just gave a summons and sent us on our way.  You're lucky that they didn't impound your car.
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    I just read quickly online and found that your 'court date' is just with you and a prosecutor.  You can either plead guilty and just pay the fine or plead not-guilty or no-contest.  People seemed to think if you admit you were going a litle fast but weren't going what he said you were, they will likely reduce it.

    This was the link I found:

    Though if any other readers find any of this wrong, don't come down on me!  Just trying to help!  Thankfully, I've only received a written warning (for going through a darn yellow light, ugh

    Good luck!!!!!!
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  • rswan412rswan412 member
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    Thanks everyone...just a little nervous and it's just stress I don't need right now...I am making an honest effort from now on to go slower!
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    i actually got a summons 2 septembers ago for speeding and i plead not guilty and they didnt even take me to trial i just had to pay half the ticket

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    I believe it was because you were going more than 20mph over.
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    Agree with all the PPs who have said it's due to HOW MUCH over you were going...they generally give a court summons for going more than like 15mph over the speed limit (I know on a 65mph highway if you're going more than 82 you're screwed lol and that's 17mph over)...

    I've been to court with someone for the type of "just meet with the Prosecutor" type summons before.  If it's your first offense (like haven't had a speeding ticket in a while, or 1st time you've been to court over a ticket)  they will likely lower the charge/fine you have to pay...
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