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HELP passport and other questions...

Okay I apologize if this board gets these kinds of questions alot but I am at a loss and trying to figure this out quickly. I need to send in for my passport and am thinking of when I will be leagallly changing my name and whatnot. I am a little confused. Do most people wait to change their name whrn they get back from their out-of-the-country honeymoon? If not what name do you send in when applying for the passport? If I use my maiden name do I have to pay for an all new passport after we get back and I legally change my name? Sorry I am new to all of this and REALLY in need of help! I have no idea what to do!!!

Thanks knotties!!!!!

Re: HELP passport and other questions...

  • All the answers to your questions and much more information can be found here:

    Be sure to give yourself plenty of time when applying, it takes a while.
  • We booked our HM under my maiden name because everything must match when checking in at the airport and the same goes if you're trying to board a ship for a cruise. Your passport and/or drivers license must match the name on the reservation. Since we're leaving for our HM right after the wedding there won't be time to get my name changed so we just booked everything under my maiden name. Even if you're taking a delayed HM and won't be going for a month or so after the wedding I would still play it safe and book everything under your maiden name because the process can take a while especially with your passport unless you want to pay a fee for it to be rushed to you.

    Also, if you get your passport now under your maiden name, you have up to a year after your passport has been issued to change your name for free. If it's over a year you have to pay a fee to have it changed. HTH!
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