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Aruba AND Key West, is it possible?

I'm torn between Aruba and Key West for my July honeymoon. Fiance and I spoke to a travel agent and ultimately decided on Aruba even though we were there once before off a cruise ship, but now I'm wondering if it'd be possible to do both. I was thinking maybe 5 nights in Aruba and 3 or 4 in Key West. This would be on a budget of approximately $4000 to cover the cost of flights and hotel accomodations. 
Does anyone here think this would work, or does it sound like to much hassle?

Re: Aruba AND Key West, is it possible?

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    Never been to Aruba but have been to KW the past three years in a row all in June.

     Number one: July will be excruciatingly hot in KW. All the times we've gone it been in the 90's with 100% humidity and no breeze.

     Number two: We've only ever gone for four nights and its cost us between 4000.00 and 4500.00 each time. Airfare from Philly was 1k, room with breakfast package was 1700.00 (that could be done cheaper of course), car rental from miami to KW (we wanted to drive the over seas highway) was 120.00 plus gas, dinner at the cheapest place we could find which,btw was wonderful was 65 per night, scooter rental for a few hrs was 80ish, excursions and bars were the rest. 

    Don't get me wrong, we love KW and are trying to get back there next year. 

    However, it is very expensive. I know some will say its not that expensive but I would like to know where they have been staying, where they have eaten,what excursions/museums they have done (we've been to all but two museums *audobon and butterfl* yand have done snorkeling and the dry tortugas tour). 

     If your still interested in KW I have three reviews and a ton of pics in the link above my siggy pic.
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    The closest airport with a major connection to Aruba is Miami. So, you'd either have to rent a car in MIA and drive to/from Key West (3 hours or so) or you can take a flight back up to Miami. However, those commuter flights are not cheap. Airfare to Aruba without taking KW into account is probably 600-800 per person,so already, you are at least $1200 down. For the cheapest route, add in a car ($40/day for a cheap one plus taxes), gas ($100 for a few fill ups), you're now down almost $1500 without even considering hotels, food, or activities. I'd personally choose one and do the other (probably KW) for your 1st anniversary.


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    Thanks to both of you for the input. I had a feeling it'd probably be a bit too much cost wise but still had to check.
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    Much better, you sold me on Aruba! Cool
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    Ask me anything about Aruba! We just went last October for 10 days/9 nights. Flew out of Philly, connected in Miami. Stayed at the Radisson hotel and couldn't recommend it enough! It was the first hotel on the strip so has the best spot on the beach and recently renovated so it's all brand new. Free palapas right on the water so you'll have shade when you need it, and you will! 

    We ate at Papillon (alright), Windows on Aruba (pretty good), Barefoot restaurant (holy sh!t you HAVE to go here, most amazing food and sunset dinner on the beach, simply breath taking), Passions on the beach (similar to barefoot, very good but not as amazing), wacky wahoos (yummy!), Madam janettes (awesome! Must go here), ummm can't remember where else off the top of my head.

    If you stay here go to the chinese supermarket in town and get snacks to keep in your room as food IS expensive in Aruba. It is so so so safe to walk down the main strip and there's a mall and fast food places all within walking distance. Obviously be smart and don't venture off the beaten path. On Sunday nights a big craft and flea market comes in and there's some cool things there, very pushy salesmen though. 

    In case you're considering an all inclusive in Aruba- DON'T. The food in Aruba is some of the best I've had in the carribbean. We went to like 8 different restaurants and there's still a ton of amazing places to eat there. If you bring snacks down with you and hit the fast food joints for lunch you should be able to work it out. 

    Oh, and we paid $3500 total for both people to be there all 10 days, including hotel and airfare. We brought another $1000 down with us for food and had a little left over when we left, but we also did go all out for dinner every night. You can estimate spending between $70-120 a night per couple for dinner. If you're big drinkers, add accordingly to that amount. 

    We booked on orbitz, bought travel insurance and had no issues whatsoever. Also booked a sunset cruise through them and paid less than everyone else on the cruise did! Travel agents are so not necessary if you're willing to do the legwork and find the best deals. 

    Hope that helps! PM if you have any other questions!
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    Another vote for Aruba, though it seems like you're already sold on the idea. I went there for our honeymoon in July and it was amazing. Beautiful weather, and very breezy. Everything that Allychase said is correct, especially about not choosing an AI resort. The food in Aruba is amazing, though it can be quite expensive if you're not used to NYC area prices. Ally's food cost estimates were about right. 

    We stayed at Bucuti and Tara Beach Resort. It was amazing, but also a very different feel from the large high rise resorts. Do you research and pick what is best for you. 

    I'd also recommend taking a jeep tour. I believe the company we went through was ABC Tours. It was tons of fun, and you will get to see the whole island. Do NOT take the route of renting a jeep yourself and go off road. While on our tour we saw a couple stranded with a flat tire in the middle of the National Park. Our tour guide helped them the best he could, but they were in a rough spot and that flat tire probably ruined their whole entire day. If you want to rent a car or jeep and stay on the main roads that's fine. But leave the off-roading to professionals.  

    Other restaurants to check out are: Windows on Aruba, located at the Divi Golf Club Resort, Flying Fish Bone (amazing location, good food, but you're paying for the atmosphere),Hostaria Da Vittorio for Italian food, and El Goucho (great Argentinean steak house with massive portions - don't make the mistake of going here on your last night when you can't take home leftovers). I'll also second the recommendation for Passions. 
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    AllyChase how funny that you mentioned the Radisson, cause that's where we're staying. Thanks for all the info. Same to you B2Z728. You mentioning the jeep with the flat tire reminded me of the one time I was in Aruba. We took a rental vehicle four wheeling (probably not the smartest thing to be doing) and stumbled across a group of kids with a flat, right in the middle of the dessert. Fortunately my dad was albe to help them out, but still, I'd hate to be stuck in that situation. I
    I'll be sure to check out the restaurants mentioned.
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