Food Trucks in Connecticut?

We're getting marrried in Connecticut (Winsted-Great Barrington-Canaan-Torrington area) and are having trouble finding food trucks that might be able to cater our recetption.  We just want a truck to come near the end of the reception, say 10:30 or 11 p.m., for our guests to get a little snack before they head home or tot he after-party.  Does anyone have any ideas?  We're open to any food but something like tacos or nachos would be ideal.  We're really into the idea of an actual food truck--otherwise we'd just have our caterer dinner do a snack late-night.


Re: Food Trucks in Connecticut?

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    Agave in Hartford has a taco and burrito cart. There is also a cupcake truck that is in Hartford during the week, The Cupcake Brake. Both are on facebook for photos. If you go down to Longwarf in New Haven, on the water right by IKEA, you will find about 8 food trucks, primarily Mexican. They are there most days during the lunch rush into early dinner.
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    There is one in Torrington that's supposed to be AMAZING.  DH and I have been meaning to take a trip up there with some friends and find them.  I think people classify them as a 'gourmet' food truck, but I'm sure they can make you whatever you want.  I do know that they do tacos.  You should definitely check them out.  I've only heard good things about them.

    They're called Rocket Fine Street Food.  Here is the link that I've found for them. There's contact info listed to reach them.


    Let us know how it goes!
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    If you are ever in the New Haven area at lunch time during the week, there are loads and loads of food trucks on Cedar street, right near the hospital. The majority of them are actual restaurants and I know there are a few mexican ones that are fantastic!
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    I'm considering doing a food truck for the whole reception. My side always includes everyone in the dinner, so it's usually a "Welcoming Dinner". And I was thinking about doing a hot dog truck Super Duper Weenie has great food and the prices are reasonable. They do everything for you and it sounds like so much fun!
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    Did you ever find one? I am looking for one in the Great Barringotn area.
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