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This is probably a stupid question but do you send your vendors - photographer, Dj, etc. an invitation? Do you just ask them what meal they want?

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  • I don't think it's a stupid question because I've been asking everyone this question too! It seems that there is no rule of thumb here - everyone tells me that it depends on what YOU want to do. Some people say they didn't mail an invitation to their vendors - just e-mailed them to ask what meal they would like. And some people have told me that they handed an invitation to their vendors in their final meetings before the wedding. I'm not having final meetings with each vendor before the wedding, so I won't see them all in I think I'm going to e-mail them - I don't think I need to send them a formal invitation becuase they technically aren't "guests." Plus, I feel like they would rather give me their meal choice via e-mail than have to fill out the response card and put it in the mail...makes life easier for them!

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  • Some venues have a separate vendor meal for a cheaper price, so I think in that case you would just email and ask if they have any allergies. You don't need to send them an invitation unless 1) they're also friends that you hired or 2) you really want to.  I'm not going to send invitations to mine.
  • Ah, I am so glad you posted this as I was wondering the exact same thing!

    I think I'm going to just email my vendors...

  • I just emailed my vendors.
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    I am just e-mailing my vendors as well.  HOWEVER......double check with your venues what they serve your vendors.  I saw an article written a while back by a CT photographer about how some venues serve them sandwiches instead of a meal the guests get and don't give them a place to eat.  I checked with my vendors who are familiar with my venue, and luckily they serve the same meal as the guests but at a discount.  The article also mentioned that the venue wouldn't allow vendors to eat the appetizers during cocktail hour.  I was appalled by this as I am paying for the appetizers and I want my vendors to be well-fed and happy (again, I made sure that this doesn't apply at my venue).  I am also seating my 2 photographers and DJ at a table with the guests.  I don't want them to feel isolated in anyway.  Plus, they are very down to earth and I'm sure they would love normal conversation for a while.
  • I did not send formal invitations to my vendors, though I am giving one to the Reverend (he's not technically a vendor)
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