Has Anyone had their Wedding @ G. Fox Room on a Sunday Night?

My FI and I are going with the G. Fox Room. It is much cheaper to have a Sun. wedding but I am a bit concerned on the end time. We have to be finished by 10pm. 

How do you end a wedding? I've only been to Fri. & Sat. evening weddings that just seem to end whenever. Do you make an annoucement? I'm clueless...

Re: Has Anyone had their Wedding @ G. Fox Room on a Sunday Night?

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    the dj usually announces the last song of the night before he plays it then it just kind of stops 

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    I haven't had a wedding there, but my wedding is currently slated to end around 10:30. Like PP said, the DJ should announce the last song of the night. If you're worried about getting people to leave, there are a couple of different options you could do. You could ask them to join you in sending you off, with sparklers or paper lanterns. That will get everyone outside. You could also informally let people know that you're going to a certain bar or hotel after the reception, and they're welcome to join you if you like (I just wouldn't write it  anywhere, because then you'd be hosting and have to pay). Good luck!
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    Thank you ladies! 

    I love the sparkler idea! I am def going to use that one! Love the input!
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