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My Save the Date cards are coming in on Monday - it isn't too late to send them for our July 28th wedding right? 

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    It would be kind of  late for my wedding! 

    However this one said 6 months out is OK if it's not DW for everyone.  You're at 5.8 months today.

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    I think it is okay- a bit later but it's never too late to let people know the date of your wedding!!

    I have July 28 date too and we sent ours back in November.
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    Don't waste them- Send 'em out. It's not too late. I just sent mine out this past Monday for my 7/13 wedding. 

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    you already have them, so don't waste them =)  Ettiquette is anywhere from 6 months to a year out depending on your type of wedding.  Wedding invites 6-8 weeks out.
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    Honestly? i think it is. You'll be sending out your actual invites in about 3 months.  Are you seriously gonna spend more money on postage then you have to?
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    I'm sure your VIPs already know to save that date anyway, so STDs are really mostly for fun. They are a relatively new trend (in terms of how long ppl have been sending wedding inviations is) so there isn't strict ettiquette on them. Send them if you want to! Don't send them if you would rather save the postage.
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    I say end them if you want to if not save the money on the postage.  If you think people will really like them and display them for the next few months then go ahead.

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    Well they are coming in on Tuesday & I am sending them out on Wednesday.  All family on both sides know the date, as well as the bridal party of course (along with some other people here and there).  It has our website and hotel information so I think it will good send them out anyway.

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    I think you will be fine. I am getting married the same day as you, but I sent mine back in November just because I know a lot of people that go away in the summer time.
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    just send them. we are also getting married july 28th and our save the dates are being placed in the mail tomorrow :) if these so-called rules of "etiquette" say to send them at 6 months out...we are only a week short of that, so what is the difference?

    i received a save the date for a march wedding in january....the invitation came 1.5 weeks following the save the date. if you were in that type of situation, i would say forget the save the date. however, we don't plan to mail our invitations until 2 months prior to our wedding date, which means there will be 3.5-ish months in between the save the date and the invitation, which is totally fine in my book.
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    no, totally send them out, you spent money on them! we just sent ours out about two weeks ago for July 21!
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    The lady we met with for invitations said 5-6 months is appropriate for STD's. We just mailed ours Thursday for our 7/20 wedding. 
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