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Flights to Spain

I'm planning on going on my honeymoon June 20.  How far in advance do you think it is best to book flights?

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    You should definitely start looking now.  Sign up right away for a faretracker on a website like Kayak- you can also use a farecaster to find out about how far ahead of time you should book for the best rates.  I think Bing and Yapta (websites) also both have features like this.

    If you are planning to use any frequent flier miles or credit card reward points, though, you should book ASAP.

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    When I went to spain a few years ago I was in College and got a really good deal on statravel.com. Its aimed at college students but think they have good deals for under 26 and teachers as well, I payed $450 round trip when I went. Hope that helps.

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    I would suggest looking today and tomorrow.  Lufthansa has a big Europe sale for the next day or two and some other airlines are matching it.  For example, I looked up Philly to Madrid with USAir today and the dates I looked at in the spring are going for less than $600 with all taxes.  The sale is likely to end once we're past Thursday.  A general tip to keep in mind is that airlines tend to raise fares on weekends and then wait and see if people buy.  If they don't, then they will lower prices again Monday night or Tuesday, so it's best to look during the middle of the week, unless you already know what's a good price and what isn't.

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