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I am having my ceremony and reception at the Waterview on Sunday 8-7-11.  Time is quickly passing...

Any last minute recommendations you can provide?

Thank you!

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    No advice, but I am terribly jealous, Waterview was my first choice, but since were funding the wedding ourselves, the FI and I just couldnt afford it. My cousin did get married there and said everything went absolutley perfect!

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    Thank you so much for that!  I am getting nervous about the details as I am approaching the one week mark.  We have to do our wedding on a Sunday to try to somewhat afford it.  Where are you having your wedding?  I bet it will be amazing!
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    We went with second choice, which is Cascade in Hamden, we both agreed that it was ALMOST as nice, and definitly worth the difference in price, it cut the bill down by about $7000 Money mouth
    When I got engaged, literally the first thing i thought about was The Waterview, my cousins wedding left such an impression on me, im sure it will leave that same thought of exquisitness and elegance in your guests minds that it left in mine.
    Are you booking the right or left side of the building?

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    We were just married there last month.  I can only think of 2 possible things worth considering (because they were issues for me ;-) ).
    1)  Make sure you ask your coordinator ahead of time where they plan to put your guest book (assuming you'll have one).  I never asked, and they ended up putting it on a small weird shelf-like table in an awkward location.  Suffice it to say, most of my guests didn't see it, so most of them didn't sign it.
    2)  Make sure you put all of your belongings together in the closet in the bridal suite before you head up for the ceremony.  I just kicked off my sandals when I was getting changed into my dress and failed to put them in the closet before I left for the ceremony.  Later, they were nowhere to be found.

    Other than that, everything was great, so you shouldn't worry :-).  The staff is excellent (especially the bridal attendants) and they take care of everything.
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    Everything was perfect at the Waterview!! No worries! Have a wonderful wedding :)

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    [QUOTE]Everything was perfect at the Waterview!! No worries! Have a wonderful wedding :)
    Posted by melabes9846[/QUOTE]

    This exactly.  Don't worry!  They know what they are doing, and any questions I had were answered before I had a chance to ask them.  Relax, enjoy your day, and let them take care of the rest!

    I was an August bride at the Waterview also :)
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    I was a Oct. 2010 Waterview bride. Mandy was my coordinator and she was amazing! My only advice is to enjoy every moment and not worry about all the little things. The day went by so fast that by the time I remembered about my reception dress the reception was almost over. 
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