Sep 7th8th brides

Hi! I'm planning out my flowers for my Sep 6th wedding. Found out flowers are expensive! Does anyone want to split the costs for centerpieces and alter flowers with me? I'm thinking of getting mostly white and then you can add in any accents that match your color scheme. The flowers last for about a week afterwards so I could use them the 6th and you could use them the 7th and they would still be beautiful and stunning. Feel free to email me at TB_LAMBYAHOO.COM

Re: Sep 7th8th brides

  • check around for prices i meet with the flower girl weddings in southignton and all my flowers brides mades alter flowers grooms men godparents parents is going to cost me around 750. if you really like the look of a flower but its wicked expensive ask the florist for an alternative. i am doing gerbera daysis for my mades and mine will be the same but with some roses added. 

    another alternative is to go to stop and shop they do flowers for weddings and they are very cost effective 
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