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Airbrush Tan

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good place to get an airbrush tan in CT? I would like to get one for the wedding- not looking for anything too dark, just a natural looking color. I bought a Groupon for one recently and did it last week with a couple of my girls figuring it could be like a trial. It came out terrible on all of us!!! Very uneven and the girl rushed through it- not taking her time to do a good job at all and leaving streaks all over the place! The color also rubbed off on my clothing even days after I got the tan- not good for a white wedding dress! Does anyone know of any good places?  (It was Beauty Bar in Southington that I went to FYI- I definitely do not recommend!)
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Re: Airbrush Tan

  • I did one two weeks ago to see if I liked it - I went to YOLO in Guilford, CT - $30

    1010 Village Walk  Guilford, CT 06437
    (203) 533-4560

    they can do it a light or as dark as you want.  The ladies there were great - I am fair skinned and the color came out great.  (I went with a light/medium. They recommend doing it a day or two before your wedding. 

    Kelly (getting married July 1, 2012)
  • I just got one for my engagement pictures this Sunday and loved it! I went to Alta Moda Salon in Weathersfield. It was also well-priced $35 but I did the package of 4 for $100 so I can do it before some other wedding related events this summer/fall :)
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  • I went to Rituals in Guilford and it came out great
  • for someone who's never done airbrush what do you wear??
  • My sister just had a spray tan done for a wedding she was in this past weekend. It look so good! She went to Hot Tans in Southington, CT. Her friend who was also at the wedding got it done and it looked great. You can choose how dark you want to go. I also plan to get spray tanned. I met the ladies from SunSpray tans in milford at a bridal show. I am going to go to them first to try it. If they do it well I will probably go to them for our wedding. If not I will travel to Hot Tans due to the great reviews from my sister.
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  • You can wear as much or as little as you would like or feel comfortable with. I also brought loose fitting clothes to put on after getting sprayed which was helpful and comfy for my ride home
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  • Naomi's in West Hartford - it takes awhile to get done, but you won't get streaks. I've had it done for a few things and am getting it done for our engagement pics next week. Not sure about the wedding because I don't want to stain my dress (I've never worn white after).

    I also recommend 2-3 days before the day.
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    Highly suggest Sundaze Tanning in Norwalk! They are amazing, knowledgable and really good at what they do!

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  • I have been to Hot Tans in Southington and they did a really good job.  However I have gotten spray tans at a lot of different places but so far best tan for the best price is at Tommy's Tanning. They use VersaSpa and the natural color comes out really nice.  It is in a booth not a person that sprays you so it is a little less awkward.  And they have a clear spray so that it doesnt get on your clothes and it dries you after your done.  I never would have thought that  a booth could do a good job but it really does. I do recommend putting a little barrier cream on your hands and feet but other than that it is pretty foolproof. Plus you can get a package of four tans for a pretty good price.  I recommend giving them a try.
  • Thanks everyone! I'm going to look into all of these places!
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  • Naomi's Salon in West Hartford uses St. Tropez, which is known as the best brand for airbrush tanning, and it looks very natural. My sister gets it done all the time and she's very fair (Irish) and it's the only brand that does not turn her orange.This is their site: www.salonnaomi.com
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