Two (and a half) checks!

-We booked our rehearsal dinner site.
-Booked one of Larissa Lake's makeup artists (anyone used her?)
-Started two (of our three) registries.

Love getting some checks done :)

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Re: Two (and a half) checks!

  • Awesome! Where did you register?
  • Kohl's and BBB. Hoping to do Macy's all well.

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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Two (and a half) checks!</a>:
    [QUOTE]Kohl's and BBB. Hoping to do Macy's all well.
    Posted by TBee99[/QUOTE]

    A lot of people bought from our BBB registry (the coupons are great).  Macy's has awesome coupons too and always has sales.  But the best part of Macys was that we registered for their rewards system so that, after our wedding, they sent us a gift card (a percentage of whatever people spent off of our registry).
  • Congrats on the awesome checks!
  • Congrats.  I am using Larissa Lake, I've heard only good things, but I haven't had my trial yet.
  • CONGRATS. I don't know Larissa but I've heard really good things about her work.
  • I know Larissa and her sister, they have done the hair and make-up for one wedding I was in (and got both done) and 5 of my sorority sisters weddings. They are nothing short of amazing. Polite, professional, sweet and do SUCH a beautiful job. I am newly engaged (yay) and as soon as I pin down a date they are legit my FIRST call!
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