Vendor Reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently got married, 2/18/12 and I had the most AMAZING day.  I could not have imagined it going any better than it did, and a big part of this had to do with my vendors....

Venue:  Mill on the River- A+   (As long as you don't deal with Amanda)  Everyone talked about how amazing the food was, the decor was stunning and they catered to my every want and need.  They were amazing and I am so glad I was married there.  

Photographer:  Lindsey K Photography (Lindsey Kyprianou)  A+
Lindsey is by far the most talented photographer I have come across....and I did a lot of searching in this area because it was one of the most important aspects to me.  All the pictures were so stunning, it is difficult for me to even decide which to use for my album.  Not only is she talented, but she is sooooo much fun to work with, as is her husband, Nick.  I wanted a lot of candid shots because I'm not a huge fan of all posed pics.  I didn't even realize she was there taking pictures half the night, but she certainly was......even when we were doing a shot together and dancing!!

Make-up Artist/Hair:  Larissa Lake A+
I don't know what to say other than she made me feel like a princess.  She is so talented and she took her time with me, never rushing, and she never appeared stressed.  I got tons of compliments on my hair and makeup and I am so glad I had her for my wedding day. 

DJ:  DJ Melee   (Jae Palermo)  Day of wedding- B,   Interaction prior to and after the wedding, D.  I thought he was going to be the perfect DJ for us.  He seemed very down to earth and knowledgable, as well as very experienced in the business, but I had no idea how things would be after signing the contract.  I almost feel like as soon as he got our deposit, we were no longer a priority.  Getting a hold of him was very difficult.  3 weeks prior to my wedding, I was unable to get in touch with him for over a week.  I tried email, cell phone, no avail.  My now husband left him several messages requesting return calls.  Jae finally emailed me appologizing, saying he was on vacation and had bad reception.  We were freaking out, thinking we were going to have to find another DJ last minute. 

Then came the songs we requested (filling out the form for what we definitely did not want to hear, and songs that were a must)  The day of the wedding, I had two songs I definitely wanted played.  He didn't play one of them.  He also said I never emailed him about a Father/Daughter dance and asked me during the reception what song I wanted to use.  Some may think this isn't a big deal, but it was just not what I wanted to deal with, especially that day.  Needless to say, after the wedding I went though my emails, and I had emailed him with the song I choose. 

When we signed the contract, Jae promised  us a flashdrive with songs from out wedding as well as others that he knew we would like based on what we had discussed.  The day of the wedding, he gave us a small drive and said he "forgot" the other 8 gb drive.  He said he would mail it to us.  When I didn't receive it for a while, I emailed him on 3/10/12, almost a month after out wedding.  He emailed me back the next day, 3/11/12 and said he would mail it that coming Monday.  On 4/3/12, he emailed me again and said he would send it out that Thursday with a tracking number.  It is now MAY 30th and I still have not received it.  At this point, I'm done.  I will never recommend him to anyone.  He has poor communication skills and is unprofessoinal.   He gave me excuse after excuse...sorry I had a cold.....sorry I wanted to categorize the music was all BS. 

Dress- Styles for the Isles, East Windsor- A+ 
I had a great experience from the minute I walked in.  They were sooo accomodating, friendly and I never felt rushed.  I was the only bride in the shop and they were all great to work with.  I would definitely recommend this bridal store to anyone looking. 

Florist- Stop and Shop - South Windsor  A+  
Easy to work with, and did exactly what I wanted.  Everything was beautiful. 

Interior Design by Sharon Torello- (Archway we were married under) A++++++++
She created a masterpiece.  It was the most beautiful archway I had ever seen and several of my guests inquired about it.  The owner of my venue was interested in purchasing it and having it there for all the weddings that take place downstairs. 

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    congrats! you looked beautiful!!! I am sad to hear about the bad review for Dj Melee! He is our dj for our april 2013 wedding. I have seen a few comments on here about his poor communication...
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    Ditto PP, congrats on your wedding, you looked gorgeous!
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    Congrats on your wedding!  Thanks for the reviews.  I'm sorry to hear about DJ Melee...he is also our DJ for May 2013.   We met him @his home and booked him on the spot!  He was knowlegable, professional and passionate about his skills.  I think he may be taking on too many DJ gigs to give that one on one with Brides/Grooms as our dates get closer. 

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    Congtats. You looked stunning!! Can't wait to see more pics.
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    Congrats! You looked beautiful! :)

    We booked DJ Melee as well for April 2013 - I'm starting to get a little nervous... I hope we made the right decision...

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    Congratulations. It sounds like you had a great time! Sorry about Dj Melee. 
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    Just be careful and stay on top of him.  Don't let too much time go by without having phone contact with him

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    [QUOTE]congrats! you looked beautiful!!! I am sad to hear about the bad review for Dj Melee! He is our dj for our april 2013 wedding. I have seen a few comments on here about his poor communication...
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    Sorry you didn't have good communication with him.  As far as other brides doubting him, don't...I'm 6 days away and I've contacted him many times via email in the past few weeks and he has responded either immediately or 1-2 days later.  The fact that he asked you what song you wanted for your father/daughter dance at your reception is not a big deal, sounds like you spent/wasted more time out of your life looking through your emails after your wedding was already over. 
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