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Lighthouse Point Park

Hi guys, newbie here :)  I'm getting married at LPP in June of 2014.  I got a lot of helpful information by searching the boards here, and I already have a caterer and photographer booked.  Yay!  

One thing that's kind of making me nervous though, is that our wedding will be MUCH smaller than a "typical" LPP wedding.  When we met with the caterer and told him our guest list number (95) he said "wow that's small for that venue, you might want to cut the room in half."  I don't know how we would go about doing that with a wide open space.  I wrote to Sabrina to ask for her suggestions but it seems like she's a busy lady in general and I'm not counting on hearing from her for a while.

Sooo, are there any past or future LPP brides who managed to pull off a small-ish LPP wedding, or have ideas about how I could go about it?  I know this is something I should have thought about before we booked the place, but I fell so in love with it I couldn't let it go.  Any suggestions appreciated Smile

Re: Lighthouse Point Park

  • Heyo!

    I'm getting married there on July 20, 2013, and we are doing about 100 people!  I am not worried about the space at all, but I'll let you know how it ends up feeling.

    I think with 100 people, we will have around 6-7 per table, so that is 15+ tables.  Don't unde estimate the space the carousel takes up either.

  • Hi! 

    I'm planning on an August 2014 wedding, also with about 100 people. I did a ton of research on pictures and it looks like it's just a matter of how you space out the tables? 

    I actually haven't been to the place itself (my fiance and I both live in Singapore) but I fell in love with the pictures and our parents have checked it out for us. 

    @Jessa3, any comments/suggestions/insights would be much appreicated!!!

    are either of you worried about there being a lot of people around? Are you both doing the ceremony on the beach?

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    I'm also 'planning/hoping' to book LPP for June of 2014 but haven't heard back from Sabrina in a couple days. It sounds like she's super busy, per board posts that I've read, but I really would like to know if you have any tips on reaching her. I emailed and the number posted for her doesn't seem to work. Thoughts/suggestions?

    Also planning a small, less than 100 ppl, wedding so would love to hear how the space feels with that many.

  • I'll let you know--18 days!  I'm surprised Sabrina hasn't responded, I find she is pretty good with email.  .  .
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