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A friend of mine recently told me that she and her boyfriend were invited to mutual friend's wedding a few years ago. Just weeks before the wedding they broke up and because she didn't want to have to sit at the same table as him (she claimed the only people either of them knew would be sitting at this table), she skipped dinner and then brought a friend to the dancing portion of the reception. She said in retrospect it was a bad idea, but I still told her I would be irritated if she had done this at my wedding.  The bride and groom paid for her dinner, which she didn't eat, and then she brought an uninvited guest to the reception!

FI and I have already had to turn down a few of his friends because they are technically single. They all said they are dating but not in a relationship or they are in between several girls, etc...I hope none of them bring someone to the reception.  Does anyone think this could happen at your wedding?  I guess I wouldn't mind it so much if someone came after dinner, but it's still not appropriate.

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    We predict that there will be some people who will try to come. They probably will ask us if they can come (after not getting an invitation).

    It's a bit different with us though, the deaf community is so SMALL that sometimes everybody feels like they have the right to be involved in every event. I will have 2 ushers who are also deaf keeping an eye at the door at the start of the dinner to make sure nobody just shows up.

    But if they come after dinner- there's not a lot that I can do. I'll probably ignore them.
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    Rebis58Rebis58 member
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    This is exactly why I'm not getting married in my home town (not the only reason, but a big one). People will often crash weddings there - not the whole thing, but people usually show up after the dinner for the dancing portion. 
    I don't anticipate having any wedding crashers, but I did tell all of my single guests that they were welcome to bring a date if they would like, so it might be a different story if I hadn't given plus 1's.
    If this happened to me, I would be pissed that my friend didn't show up for dinner without telling me, and just let me waste that money. Especially if they showed up for the second half of the evening. I think that's beyond rude!
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    Eliz77Eliz77 member
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    Not quite the same but...I invited an Aunt but not her children. I have a feeling she will try to sneak her daughter in under the radar by not asking if she is invited and just showing up with her in tow. No idea how to handle it if it were to happen...
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    Hmm I'm not really worried about this. The only thing I could possibly see happening is my sister inviting some of her friends to come to the dancing part of the night. I'm just going to tell her that definitely cannot happen, and she can have them meet us at the after party if she MUST see them that night.

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    Bmore, that's a good idea to tell your sister that her friends can come to the after party. I would suggest this too, except my after party is at a restaurant/bar next door to my reception. The uninvited guests would probably just show up to my reception! I'll just keep my mouth shut and hope that if people show up, it's at least after dinner. I'm sure FI's friends know it would be rude to do this, but you never know what people are thinking.
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