Need to decide ASAP...The Riverview or The Gershon Fox Room?

My FI and I have finally narrowed our venues down to The Riverview and The Geshon Fox Room. Prices are pretty equal for the time of year we are looking at but I am having a very hard time choosing. I want to pick the perfect one! My FI likes them both equally so he left it up to me.

Has anyone had good or bad experiences with either?

Re: Need to decide ASAP...The Riverview or The Gershon Fox Room?

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    I vote for the Gershon Fox, just because I love it. I've never been to the Riverview, but G.Fox was my second choice, as I went with the Society Room. Good luck!
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    Wow they're both great but very different! Especially because one is downtown and the other isn't. Are you and your FI city people? Something to consider is the day too. If you have a Friday wedding you might have more traffic issues for your guests if you're downtown.
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    Consider the following:

    Is the ceremony there, or somewhere else? How far is the drive from the ceremony site to either place? 
    What's parking like, at the two locations? Will you need to or want to hire a shuttle at all?
    Are there any penalities for staying late at either venue? Or other special rules, like no sparklers or anything to that effect, which might change your plans? 
    Does either venue have a person you like to work with a lot more? Having a friendly vendor that's easy to communicate with will make your experience a lot better.

    I don't know either of these venues, but I've heard good things about both. Good luck!
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    My wedding is at G. Fox so I am biased. I've been to a couple weddings at The Riverview and while they were beautiful I couldn't shake feeling like I was at a prom. Also, the food was ok. One wedding was sitdown and the food wasn't very good the other wedding, a buffet, was better.
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    Maybe that's why they don't have a tastinng at The Riverview! Thanks! Have you had your tasting at G. Fox yet? If so, how was it? Are you working with Darren and Jessica? How has your experience been thus far? 

    I am looking for a phtographer and DJ as well...any reccomendations? I am especially looking for someone for hair and makeup that can do a black girls hair! :)
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    Thanks ladies! That does give me something to think about. I am leaning more towards G. Fox bc it is not so typical ballroom/banquet style venue. I think G. Fox is quite unique.
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    Yes, I had my tasting in October and it was amazing. The food was delicious and we got to taste everything from the salad to the wine. There was so much food that we took the leftovers home for dinner. The chef, Mike Kelley, came out and personally met with me, FI and our family. He talked about the food, his background what we wanted, what he could do special. We met the gentleman who will be our personal server the day of, I forget his name but he was also very nice and helpful. I'm working mainly with Jessica but everyone has been wonderful there. Jessica even allowed us to have 6 people at our tasting because our parents are divorced and one is remarried. You will not be disappointed with G. Fox. So far the only thing that I have negative to say is that the rehearsal has to be on the Thursday before your wedding. Other than that, it's been wonderful.

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    Thanks! It seems as though G. Fox is really easy to work with! We are thinking about March/April 2013. I think I am finally convinced to go with G. Fox. Thanks for the info!

    Congrats MsDiamondPrincess and best of luck!
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