2 Months Out! *EEK!*

Tomorrow it will be 2 months out, I am sitting here freaking a little. All is done, we need to meet with the DJ and go through music, get our wedding license (When exactly??), meet with our officiant to discuss the vow selection, and this week and next tackle the invitations.

i have a final I am working on for class that I am scared about which has a 1st draft due on 6/15, then the real deal due on 7/1.....I am trying not to have a meltdown....but now looking at that ticker, I am finding it hard not to.

And then I sit here and think the bridesmaid dresses aren't in yet and I stilll need to find a purse. Ugh, my head. :(

Re: 2 Months Out! *EEK!*

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    I'm sorry.  Just breathe.  Mine is around the same time as yours (a little under 2 months away).  I'm getting the jitters too.  I'm pretty on time with things (though I need to play catch up on some tasks because I had to take a month off from planning during my school finals).  It just feels there is so much to get done, but I can't do it till other things are in (ie I can't order favors, make seating charts, etc until I get most of the rsvps are back, which have been steadily trickling in).

    I've been planning my wedding during my first year of law school (for which some have called me insane).  I've found the key is time management (and in my case, lack of sleep, but I wouldn't recommend that).  Create a timeline for your final paper and stick to it. Do the same for wedding planning.  Create a "to do" list for each week.  (Once you feel more organized and with a game plan, you'll probably feel a bit better).  Also, look at what wedding planning tasks you still have to do, and see if some of them you can ask a your FI, or MOH, or BM or your mom or a friend to help you out with.

    Also, for the wedding license, you and your FI have to go to the vital records dept in the city where you are getting married within (but not prior to) 65 days of the wedding, and fill out the application and pay the application fee of $30 (I believe).  Usually you get your marriage license on the spot.
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    Breathe, it'll be ok.

    The last couple of months are always so tough, there's so much to do and so little time left to do it in.

    Don't worry it will all work out and you will get everything done.
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    2 months! So exciting! As VIkki said just breathe.. it'll all come together, and you'll even learn to let some things go. I've been letting things go slowly but surely...
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